I Asked For A Spanking

I wanted C to spank me.   It went something like this.   “After dinner you NEED to spank my ass”.   “Oh yeah, how would you like me to do that?”.   “Great, I get a choice?”One of my resolutions this year was to make sure that C and I had a healthy balance of bad living, healthy living, loving and kink.  We started off with good intentions on Friday with plans for the weekend that including doing things for the house and for us and have a bit of fun too.

Unfortunately one of my other resolutions was to remind C to punish me when I’ve annoyed her.   So the rest of the conversation went like this.   “Ehhhh, remember last night when you thought I’d had too much at the pub?  And then dinner was late and you were annoyed?”.    “Right, you don’t get a choice”.  “Awww”.

After dinner C used one of the special words in our standing instructions.  “Present!”   That means get your bare ass up in the air.

C then left me with my naked, getting cold quickly, ass bared in the lounge whilst she went looking for a suitable implement.   A few minutes later she came back with a cane.  “I found this”, she says.   “Yeah right, find yourself something else”.   C and the Cane is another story, so she went away leaving my ass getting even colder.

C proceeds to nag, even threaten with all sorts of nasty implement promises before pronoucing that each of the misdemeanors would incur six strokes with the evil, hateful, bitch strap making a total of eighteen.  “What?  Can’t you count?”.  Seemingly C decided that I had done wrong trice.

In the “Present” position I am very aware that my ass cheeks are stretched tight and that even the lighter of the implements we have hurt.

The first stroke lands.  Ouch I think.  OH NO, I’ve got lots more to go.   This should not appear like a criticism, but some of C’s strokes didn’t land cleanly.   This does not mean that they missed or that they didn’t have any effect.  Trust me they did.

After the first six, C continues to nag and proceeds with the next ones and then the final six.   She has her foot on the small of my back to make sure that I keep it arched and more importantly make sure that my ass stays up and out making a target for that nasty strap.

After all the strokes are delivered C keeps me in the position and settles back into the settee so she can admire her handiwork.  This is when I become aware that the erection I had has gone.  This was not a sexy sensual spanking, it was a punishment.   This is the first time that C has acheived this by strapping my ass.

Did I get a reduced spanking by reminding C of the misdemeanors?   No!   Did I try to wriggle free?  Yes!   Did I deserve this?  Emmmm, probably.  Actually I think this was exactly what I asked her to do.

One of the original reasons behind our DD lifestyle was to prevent C becoming annoyed and that’s why I made it one of my resolutions that I remind her.   That’s what I did, and she responded.   Do I feel annoyed?   Not in the slightest.   We just might had tried to make a happier house.



18 comments on “I Asked For A Spanking

  1. as a spanko guy, I know when I want and need a spanking. once recently we were sitting at the kitchen table and I looked at her and asked her to spank me. after rolling her eyes, she say sure. I took her by the hand down to her workshop, put several implements in easy reach for her, bared my bottom and bent over a stool and waited. needless to say, i had a very red tingling bottom quickly, exactly what I wanted. after kissing her and thanking her for the spanking, I went into the bathroom and admired her handiwork. I could feel the spanking for many hours.

      • My wife has gotten into spanking me based on prime numbers. The one she has been using is 37. This started when she informed me I needed a spanking and we went from prime number to prime number, all the while my bottom was being spanked hard. Well, this past week, she bought $250 of stuff from a hobby shop. I told her that she should spank me 250 times, based on 37 as the prime number. Yesterday she finished giving me the 37 spanks twice. the first time with a long thin paddle and then not long after the second 37 with a normal thick paddle. Here I am almost 24 hours later my butt still sore. It was a challenge to bear up under the assault, but I enjoyed the pain and the after glow. Not sure if she will spank me again today. Maybe. This week I will spend $750 on my hobby and she promised me that I will be spanked once for every dollar spent. It is a game, but one that we both enjoy. I enjoy being bent over and spanked. She enjoys spanking me. We have a very happy marriage with a kink.

      • Hope you’re not going for ever increasing primes as they very quickly increase! You’ll also need an implement that can punish both cheeks as the only even prime is two.

        750 stroke is going to be very hard. Shame it’s not a prime, although 749.99 may be. Enjoy 🙂

      • she gave me a late evening spanking with the belt last night 47 spanks. She had stopped at 37 but I wiggled my butt and she continued. yeah it was painful, but enjoyable. The only thing with the belt is that my left cheek was left out of the festivities and my right cheek caught the whole thing. OMG. I did buy the benchwork for my model railroad today and the charge is $769. She got a start on it tonight with 29 spanks. Am I crazy for wanting my butt spanked all the time? Maybe but I really do like it a lot and most always look at it in the mirror. Yes, world, I am a spanko and freaking proud of it. Hope your day is going well,

      • Ahha, your dominant other half needs to adjust their position slightly so that when the belt lands it lands on both cheeks simultaneously. She needs to stand slight further backwards assuming that your in a standing position. If you are lying down its more difficult to adjust the height.

        No, you’re not crazy about getting your butt spanked all the time. Be careful what you wish for as one day – 769 strokes is an awfull amount of spanks.


      • my position is either leaning over the bed and hands on the bed OR lying over a pile of pillows on the bed. this allows R a long swing of the belt or paddle and of course a painful collision with my butt. The 769 spanks will be over the course of a few weeks as we are both tired most nights after work so the interest is there on my part a bit and not so much on her part. I do my part to encourage around 50 or so spanks at a time. Only once did she go to 75 and wow, I had a very red butt with an enjoyable after glow and some unease sitting on a wooden chair. Just the way I like it.

      • I am trying to encourage R to take on a bit of a dominatrix persona and surprise me with spankings. Like meet me at the door when I arrive home from work and show me the paddle and tell me to go to the bedroom and bare my self and get into position. that would be hot.

      • R says she is becoming my dominatrix. the thing is that I can tell her or ask her anything and within reason, it could happen. I ask her to spank me and she does. As far as a scenario, not so sure she would want to do something scripted, but encouraging her a little bit here or there might get to the same end result, with patience. R and I have been married over 30 years so we know each other. I am patient and will work the angles to get to the result I want. Like tonight, we were in the bedroom, talking about our day and dinner. I had just gotten home and was changing my clothes and bared my bottom and pointed it to her and she grabbed the belt and she pointed to me to bend over the bed and said because of some minor infraction this morning, I needed a spanking. You can see I encouraged it and got what I wanted and that was a red bottom. It does work and I agree that random is better than planned. good luck with C. Let me know how it goes.

      • That’s good that R is willing to do what you wish. We do a different type of BDSM and it changes with our moods. We always have the Domestic Discipline aspect of the relationship which follows formal rules for positions, implements etc. But we also have scripted scenarios – I usually write them and C mostly follows them. Every now and again C freestyles and does her own thing. But trying to make somebody become that dominatrix of your dreams is not easy and it takes either a good actor or someone with a naturally dominant nature. Enjoy your domme.

      • it sounds like you and C have a really great relationship and do for each other.
        R will become the domme she wants to be and that is fine with me.

      • That’s good. The secret is talking about it to each other. Tell her your expectations and let her tell you what she wants too. Unless she has her total domme head on and then you’ll get it

      • yes it is good to be able to talk to each other and not have silly questions asked like – why do you want to be spanked? There is no good answer other than I want to be. R has started, at my request, taking me over her knee and spanking me. Things evolve slowly and that is fine with me.

      • I like the way you think. The pain can be intense, but the after glow of the redness is very enjoyable and if I can feel it the next day sitting at work, all the better. It is a conundrum – the pain hurts but you don’t want it to stop. intoxicating. a few years ago, my wife would whack my butt with a leather belt when I was screwing her and the pain was not really pain, but a wonderful feeling. intoxicating.

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