New Year Resolutions

A has, as is becoming the norm, a few posts already this year. He has shared his thoughts and feelings about his first, and absolutely not last, spanking of the year. Also passed on a great tip re keeping our DD lifestyle on track with the very effective HOH board. I find this tool to be a godsend, it enables me to keep A working on the types of tasks that make MY life so much easier. This has made me much less grouchy so we both enjoy our time together.
We have also reintroduced Maintenance to our week. I had let this slip, again, but it gets results.
The title of this blog is New Year Resolutions, so I am making some DD resolutions. And will use A’s tools to stick to them. He has many different tools to use as aide de memoir! I, as many of you will know, have one of the worst memories ever.
So the resolutions are;

Keep DD alive in our relationship

Explore A’s fantasy spanking scenarios

Use the Male Chastity Devices to keep my OOH from getting too comfortable

I am going to use all our aide de memoirs to ensure that I don’t do what I usually do and let things slide. I have a very effective white board, a joint calender online, a to do list online and even A’s blogs! With his penchant for blogging I get a wonderful insight into what he needs. I know that some of his spanking needs are more sexually driven than DD driven, but this is the man I love and I will do all I can to keep him happy. The fact that the sight of his reddened cheeks is a real turn on for me is, quite frankly a bonus!
That I will be making sure all my needs/wants are fulfilled before A gets any of his, is the best bit of being the HOH. The truth of the matter is that our lifestyle is the best way for both of us to lead a satisfying life. A wants to be dominated and, I want him to be more helpful, its a win win situation.
I intend to make full use of my Domestically Disciplined Boyfriend. I will enjoy my work, the results, either completed tasking or red cheeks to view will be well worth the effort put in.
I wish you all a very Happy DD Year, ours will be!

Lady C

One comment on “New Year Resolutions

  1. Mmmmm, this is the woman I love at her most dominant best. I still have lots of fantasies to share with her and here too. Maybe I should resist and make her work at getting me to reveal them 😉 In the meantime I shall think about what my resolutions should be.

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