HOH Board

We have a new tool for our DD lifestyle – the HOH board.   I mentioned it briefly a couple of weeks ago and now we’re getting into the way of using it.  And no, its not a spanking paddle type board.The HOH board is a mini whiteboard about 200 x 75mm (8 x 3 inches).   We needed something that would get our focus and show what tasks need to be addressed on a day to day basis.   We actually had this board lying about after we completed some bathroom renovations, but something of similiar size will be available in all the usual stationary suppliers.

We started with the board when I was on holiday and C had been working without a day off for a few weeks.   If there were things to do then I wouldn’t feel inclined to sleep late and sit around and watch TV all day.

Without the board I don’t always know what C’s expectations of me are and therefore when I fall short she gets annoyed.  This can lead to frustration from us both.

The board is on our kitchen worktop and faces anyone who walks into the room.  Its also next to the kettle so you are naturally drawn to it first thing in the morning and can have some time to reflect what needs to be done whilst having breakfast or the first coffee of the day.

In general, C gets up before me in the mornings and updates it before she leaves.  The tasks are relatively minor, even insignificant and mostly take a few minutes to complete.  The result is that because they are easy to complete, then they get completed.  I get a feeling that I’ve accomplished something and C can come home and see the difference.  Even though they are small tasks the overall effect is that they contribute to making the house and home a better place.

Of course, failure to complete tasks on the board will probably lead to discipline and when we first created the board I was locked away in a chastity device and C took great delight in threatening a much longer lock up.  I would imagine that having incomplete tasks when C comes home without good reason would lead to an immediate punishment and so far I have managed to complete my tasks.

Something that surprised me was that on the first day back at work after the holidays that C didn’t put any tasks on the board.  We probably need to discuss this further as we get back into the swing of the domestic discipline lifestyle.

Overall I think the board is fantastic and lets on concentrate on the important short term goals which in turn help the long term goals be completed.  The downside is that there’s going to be no escaping when tasks are not completed and that usually is bad for my bum.


6 comments on “HOH Board

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  3. This really sounds like a fantastic idea! We have a small white board like that hanging next to the fridge already. We used to use it so the kids knew when it was ok to wake up daddy (weird work schedule). I suppose I could change it to something like that and put a sort of “Honey Do” list on it for the day or week even. Thanks so much for sharing, fabulous idea!

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