First Spanking Of The Year

It didn’t take long. It was getting on for half past ten on New Years Day when C told me to get upstairs and get into a submissive position.
So there I was on New Years Day with my bare bum in the air for C to arrive and nag me about her role as HOH and that DD is very much and alive in our relationship. 

We now have a HOH’s board and that will be where my daily instructions will appear. The board is a pretty good idea. Small insignificant things appear on it and I can do them. What’s great about that? Well it means that I know what C’s expectations are of me and not have to try and think what might need to be done.

After nagging it was 13 strokes with her HOH strap as a reminder. She says I got them light as her arm is still sore and that it hurt her more than me. Wonder how she would see it from my perspective.

So how soon in the year was it you before you got a spanking?


5 comments on “First Spanking Of The Year

  1. Cagedmonkey hasn’t gotten his first spanking yet… mainly because I had shoulder surgery on my dominant arm! We are slowly getting more spanking into our relationship and I’m even waiting on my first paddle to arrive… tomorrow I hope! It’s beautiful and had a butterfly on it!

    I love your board idea so you know what to expect… I really need to do something like that. Did you post describing how that works recently?

    • Hi LadynMonkey. I can’t remember doing a post all about the HOH board but sure I mentioned it in the couple of posts I put up over the holidays. I’m thinking that I probably should do one about it.

      Hope your arm gets better and allows you to have fun with your new paddle.


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