Dicktator Diary 2 – Another 48 Hours

It’s now more than 4 days since C fitted a chastity device aka Dicktator to me.   In my last post I talked about the first 48 hours, this post is about the subsequent 48 hours.

Yesterday after 72 hours, C decided she wanted a bit of fun with me and insisted on breakfast in bed.  After filling that particular appetite she had a nice massage which went carried on until she had an orgasm.   She decided that I would be unlocked and I was treated to the most amazing orgasm.

Afterwards she told me it was a temporary release and I would be getting locked up again and I wanted to make use of my penis to do so quickly.

At 1pm she was true to her word and I was locked up again feeling satisfied.   The rest of yesterday was spent with C groping and squeezing and me asked when I would be unlocked.   “Not for a while”, “Next week” were some of the answers.

OK that puts a damper on things.  I still don’t know what she has in mind and what release other categories she picked.  I know of another one now – having something to unwrap on Xmas Day.   She is leaving tasks on her HOH board but I don’t think that is particularly relevant if she is going to do that every day and it doesn’t change the final release date.

Of the others I think she thought she may have chosen the one with the CBT element as this is kinda where this particular game came from.  The ones that is looking like she have settled on are one of the last two that were on our list: endurance and total control.  Endurance is where the device has to stay on for longer than any previous endurance time – currently at six days.   Total Control has no other conditions attached and C gets to decides everything and anything.

This morning felt a bit different than yesterday.  Yesterday was about release, orgasm and a nice comfortable feeling.  Today is back to the fight with the device restaining my penis and keeping it down and under control.    Its still there and a constant reminder that C is in control and so far she has been firm in her resolve in keeping me in there until whatever/whenever she has decided.   She did hint at perhaps letting me out, but so far nothing has happened.

Should I nag her more and demand release?   Has she went for the total control option and is asserting her dominance?    Will nagging just harden her resolve (and soften mine)?

As we’re still learning the ropes around this there’s a few tweaks that could be made and like most activities the couple involved (i.e. us) need to discuss what we want out of it all.

For the time being I remain locked and trying to get excited, just can’t acheive it.   We’ll see what tonight brings after C and I get together and cosy.


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