Dicktator Diary

The festive fun continues and after 48 hours its time for a blog to share my current thoughts and feelings.In my last post, Festive Spanking, I mentioned that we had a few things lined up for the festive period.  Actually, I’ve just realised that the title is a bit misleading – it should be Festive Fun.    Good job HOH doesn’t know, not that she would punish me for a simple error like that – or would she?

This post doesn’t have a lot of spanking DD content.  It is more about short term chastity and the control of a submissive man by a powerful Dominant.  If that’s not your thing, then I won’t be upset if you don’t read on.    I don’t like or want long term chastity, I enjoy sex too much.  I do get a thrill from having my Mistress in control.

Approximately 48 hours ago I surrended my penis to HOH, and was locked in a chastity device.   This page shows one of the devices we have, I am actually wearing a different one just now that is more comfortable to wear but in my opinion slightly more stricter in its ability to restrict an erection.

C chose a number of criterion that have to be satisfied before I get released.   What ones she has chosen are a secret and are written in a sealed envelope to prevent me from knowing in advance and so that C doesn’t change her mind at a later date.   This surprisingly was a concern that C had – she might change her mind making it impossible to ever get released.    The other things we discussed were the minimum length of time that the device would stay on for and the maximum time period that I would endure.

C thought that the minimum time should be 48 hours, my suggestion was for 72 hours.    The reasons for this will be clear soon.

The first twenty four hours is getting used to having something extra weighing you down in the trouser department and conditioning the body and mind that someone else is in control.   The body continues to try and produce erections but because of the restrictive nature of the device they quickly subside.    C played her part to and when I casually asked about leaving the keys before she went out the answer was an absolutely not.

The next 24 hours make you very aware of the device and the desire for sexual gratification is getting stronger.   I also found myself doing things for C and being more attentive in a vain attempt that she would want to get the keys out there and then.    So basically after 48 hours I have been conditioned and my Key Mistress / HOH is my life.  I think in the next 24 hours these feelings will be getting stronger and I am going to be completely compliant and totally focused on C.   C will be my godness, my Mistress – in fact everything you could ever want of the domme in your life.   One snap of the fingers and I’ll be scurrying about for her, attending to her every need.      48 hours is not a long time to go without sex and the average man / woman should have no problems with this.  Its completed different when your penis is locked out of your reach.

I can remember exactly what we agreed on about the minimum time, if it should be 48 or 72 hours, as the maximum time took over the discussion.   Either way the minimum time is probably going to be 72 as I can’t see C unlocking me tonight as she has hinted at unwrapping her package tomorrow morning.

Whilst we talked about the maximum, we didn’t really agree on what the maximum would be.   C thought my suggestion was far too long until I reminded her that didn’t mean I wanted total chastity for that duration.   C, after a bit hesitation, decided on the end of the year as the release date.  Having a end date to look forward in some ways made it easier for the head to get used to.

While we were chatting last night it was becoming clear that C is acting the role of Key Mistress quite well and is in complete charge.   She maintains she is not going to be soft and is not going to release me early.  That is making her the strict HOH that I so desire her to be.  The last release criterion was a simple one, and I’m quite certain that at the time she didn’t pick it, otherwise she would have felt inclined to tell me.    It would be interesting to see if she would pick it now, or to change her mind about the ones she did choose.   The last category was “C decides everything and anything”.

We’re going to continue having fun with this, but I must repeat that long term chastity is not something I want.   This is about teasing, denial, control and dominance and whilst I will get far less orgasms when they do occur they are so much bigger and better.    C gets an improved level of affection and love that she doesn’t always get normally from me.  I’m not always good at showing my emotions so this I’m going to put as positive aspect.    The only main drawback for me about having to endure the Dicktator is that trips to the toilet involve sitting down.  The flip side is that the seat is never left up so C is getting even more benefits 😉

Time to go and get started on these tasks before C comes home and their not finished and I have to suffer her wrath.


2 comments on “Dicktator Diary

  1. Hi thanks for the comment. Maybe you should ask your wife to keep you under lock and key for a couple of days and release you just long enough for her when SHE wants to have her fun. Having someone dominate what happens is where i get my fun.

  2. Hi. I think it’s wonderful that your C is willing to lock you up until the end of the year. I am wishing her well in her journey to do this. My wife won’t allow me in chastity beyond 24 hours, mainly because she enjoys fondling my package. Still, I fantasize….and I celebrate the fact that you have something you have wished for.

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