Look At Us

We’re going on holiday in a couple of weeks and part of the fun and excitement we have is preparing and planning what were going to do one we get there.

We’ve thought about some spanking toys and sex toys but I’m feeling a bit naughty.  Not that kind of naughty but the thrill seeking one. 

First we have to get to the airport, normally I would drive but this time I’m thinking of getting the train. Not the most glamorous place in the world, but we could join the 125 miles per hour club 😉  were getting to that age where we need to have done some of these daring things.  Not sure it’ll be the mile high club, I think we should wait until we’re in first class, maybe just business, but who knows.

Normally we hide who we are and anything that would identify us especially to our family, friends and neighbours, but with almost total anonymity on holidays in a foreign country in feeling daring.  There should be bottom spanking sounds coming from our open window.  There should be spank marks visible with swimwear and I think we should wear a token that identifies us as being into Domestic Discipline.

What would you do if you saw another couple obviously into DD? Smile knowingly, introduce yourselves as being also practicing DD and part after a quick chat? Or go for a drink and back to an apartment that basically is going to be a spanking party?

Personally speaking I think we would be terrified and run a mile stammering excuses and making out that you must be mistaken.  But I do have a fantasy that has someone other than C spank me or watches and encourages while C spanks.  My thoughts is that this is the spankos equivalent of swinging and that we’re definitely not into. A more realistic scenario for that to happen is with a Pro-domme but we don’t have any plans on visiting any red light or red bottom areas.


If you do see a couple with an obvious DD badge in on holiday in Europe in the coming weeks give us a wink 😉

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