Spanking Challenge Round 1

C accepted my Spanking Challenge and within minutes of getting home had her favourite Mistress Strap out and ready for action.  How did it go?The orginal challenge was to see how many strokes/time it would take with C spanking me with her beloved Mistress Strap until I “wimped out”.   On reflection, I had not considered that C was going to be unable to get me to wimp out.   The next time I might set a time limit that I endure so that I can “win”.

Why are we having this challenge in the first place?   Well we are both going through a busy period of life and the structure and overhead of DD and keeping on top of it is too much for us just now.  That doesn’t mean we have stopped DD.   C is very still HOH and reminds me of it regularly and there will be times when she vents her anger with a strap or tawse.  We still enjoy a bit of kinkiness in our lives to spice things up and spanking is very much in there.  The difference is that we can do when we want for fun and enjoymen and not when DD demands.

When we took up the challenge last week, we did not have any real idea how long it was going to take.   I certainly thought it would be within a minute.  Now that we have measured a time, it can be used for all sorts of things.   C can start pushing my limits by adding extra strokes and have guidance on the number of strokes for a punishment.

We were both surprised at how long it actually took before I wriggled out of the way.  One thing I do know is that if we push the limits, I am going to need something that keeps my body in position and even restraints.   Its too easy to when down on hands and knees to drop down and roll away.

The spanking challenge went like this:   Lady C positioned me on hands and knees on the floor with my back arched so that my bum was stuck well out.   She then took up position astride me so that she strap down each cheek alternately.   Reaching over, she picked up the start and started the stopwatch before vigourously strapping my cheeks.    I imagine she really went for it and gave me her best.   When I wriggled out of the way, she had only delivered 7 strokes and the time on the clock was 7 seconds.

Wow, that one surprised me, I thought I would have managed at least 20-30 seconds.    Personally I thought the strokes were coming faster than 1 a second, but C was doing the counting, and I suppose there would have been a slight delay between starting the stopwatch and strapping commencing.

After a C telling me how it took and how many strokes, it was time for her to coax me back into position for the bonus strokes – half the number of strokes to be given.   These, C delivered, every bit as hard as  the initial ones and after three I had wimped out again, hoping that half of seven wasn’t four.

I’m wanting to have another round of this challenge soon and think I should put a time limit on C.    This time I think we shall get the video camera setup to capture it as we can use the footage to measure the time and count the strokes.  However my primary interest is to see C in action with a determined look on her face as she reduces me to a wriggling mess beneath her with a hot bot.

That leaves C to describe the power she must have felt when she managed to “wimp me” in such a short time and to give Quality Control, the suppliers of the evil strap, some good feedback about their product.

Have fun,


2 comments on “Spanking Challenge Round 1

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  2. I gave A some really hard strokes with my pet strap. He could only take 7 before wriggling out of the way. I can certainly do harder strokes, but can he take them?
    We are now going to have to reintroduce a former item of ‘bedroom furniture’ to help keep him in place! Securing A over our exercise bench should work wonders! This has the added benefit of presenting his backside in the most delightful way! Safe word will be a must for this as wriggling won’t get the same results as before.

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