We have another dilemma. Our house has become full again! I have a punishment to give A. This one will be by way of a considerable amount of time confined in the humbler. Due to the quiet nature of this particular implement it serves my purposes well.
A has been away for a while and I requested that while he was away he fulfil a few tasks that I needed done. Much to my annoyance he has not completed either task! The first was to provide me a specific list that I need to complete my own task. This would have taken 5 or 10 minutes. The other was to ensure he ate properly and at a decent time.
Both easy to accomplish but neither has been completed. It seems that the lure of pre dinner drinks and ‘boy chat’ is too hard to resist! So I shall have to show A how to follow through with something.
I gave A a warning that he had incurred a 30 minute lock up in the humbler for each task not completed. I further added the proviso that 5 minutes would be added for each day I was without the list requested. 5 minutes would be deducted from the other 30 minute punishment for each day he ate well and early.
So far I have added 20 minutes and have deducted 0 from the other. The punishments are to run consecutively so he has 1hr 20mins to contemplate the error of his ways.
All of this while I unmercifully tease, spank and generally make his balls very uncomfortable. The whole point of the humbler is to put a man into such a position that he can do very little and must remain bent into a ‘humble’ stance. The balls are presented so well at the rear, that they become very easy targets. I intend to ensure A uses the time to think about how his refusal to comply with my requests, brings discomfort to him equal to my disappointment in his behaviour.
I look forward to giving an update on the situation soon.

Yours in anticipation of some lovely ball slapping,

Lady C

2 comments on “Dilemma

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  2. I’m sorry he couldn’t do as you expected. As you think about him in the humbler, please consider what he blogged on May 26

    “One thing I think we need to address is the level of punishment that is it expected and agreed. I always feel that I am never punished as hard as I deserve. I think C hasn’t found that limit yet and we need to explore them.”

    Have fun!

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