New Proposal

We are thinking of a change to our rules. Is not a major thing, the basics are the same. Break a rule, get punished. Difference is that these are like personal DD contracts. I’m writing things like “I will not cause C to be poised off” and I will exercise. These are my commitments and C has some too, we also agree/accept each others. The list is flexible and can be added to at any time to suit circumstances.

Commitment is the operative word for this and its a shift to put the onus onto the individual to perform, otherwise accept their own punishments.

This is very much a proposal for now and we need to decide to accept this new methodology or go back to the existing. Right now we’re not doing either. Challenge time for HOH – what way are we going to go and are we going to have a decision by the weekend? BTW this is not an invitation to retrospectively spank my ass, if I want that I’ll politely ask. 😉


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