Feel the Power

Last week I craved a spanking and this post described what happened when I asked C to do the honours.
There are some things I didn’t mention in that post and feel I should tell.

C looked really strict at she stood waiting for me with hands on her hips, strap in one of them. I’ve got a photo of her and once its had approval from C I’ll upload it.

The conditions for the spanking were mostly in my favour, as my bum was in bed it was not cold, I was feeling horny so my man defences should have been keeping me strong.

On C’s side she had me in the humbler which presents the sentitive cheeks just that bit more, she also opted for a standing astride me position so that she could strap down and not across.

So my question/point/worry is this. How good does it make you feel when 4 strokes on a single cheek can have me wriggling out of the firing line? Did it make you feel powerful and really HOH or am I having another spanking fantasy?

Scarey thing is that next time with the strap it is going to be 18. Actually I’m now wondering how many it is going to take with other implements. Now do I fancy barring my bum for the 3H tawse and let C practice her backhand?


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