Getting Serious Again

A few weeks ago we were at the top of our game, doing regular reviews, regular maintenance and punishing accordingly. At the peak of this performance we had a punishment each which was more severe that we ever experienced. After this we seem to have drifted away and have started falling into our bad habits.

C has more or less stopped being the all powerful HOH and is letting me off with virtually everything I don’t want to find myself doing. I should be able to give C a spanking for not a 24×7 HOH and get her to get back to it, but I don’t do it either a let her off too.

I think there are two reasons why this has not happened. The first is that the rules and procedures we were trying to follow are far from perfect and are too time consuming. This makes them difficult to do and therefore it’s easier to not do them – basically we need to change the rules and the way we do things so that it works for us.

The second reason is that I still have memories of giving C two nasty strokes with the tawse the last time we got serious when she nearly hit the ceiling. I can see how she doesn’t like to punish me as its not easy to punish her. I do think it would be easier each time I have to punish her to do it.

Time to do something about this. The catch all rule is that blatant disregard for HOH or our DD rules gets the harshest punishment. So if we both want to avoid having to receive and give a harsh punishment then it’s time to make some change to the rules again.

I have some ideas that I’m going to discuss with C, not because of her rant in Friday’s comment about this, but because I don’t quite have them thought out fully.

One thing I think we need to address is the level of punishment that is it expected and agreed. I always feel that I am never punished as hard as I deserve. I think C hasn’t found that limit yet and we need to explore them. I think the best way forward on this is to have a night of spanking with a safeword in place and have various bouts of implements and after each have a timeout about the overall strength. With the safeword in place, it should give more security to C knowing that I haven’t had to yell stop and she can up the pace. I thought about this on a seven hour train journey last week when I was day dreaming about craving a spanking – this is something I will post about in the future.

Time to go and think about these rules and maybe see if I can convince C to spank me as I really do crave a spanking sometimes.

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