Black Leather Slapper Retirement

No more black leather slapper. Honestly, it was a toy from a sex boutique and was never designed to properly spank a bare bottom.
I mentioned in my last post here that I thought it was unsuitable and wanted C to confirm this. She hasn’t done anything about so therefore I need to take the initiative and make sure something is done about it.

By midnight tonight C has to make a decision on the black slapper, failure to make a decision means that she will get two slapper strokes tomorrow morning or a single tawse stroke. I really want HOH to be decisive!

C’s choices will be the following:

1. Don’t really make a choice and get 6 strokes from the black slapper every time it is used on my bum
2. Demand that the black slapper is to be used exclusively on her bum and no other implement is allowed except my hands
3. The black slapper and, for more serious infractions, the tawses will be used on her bum in addition to my hands

Of course, retiring the slapper from discipline or maintenance of my bum does not stop her from the light slaps that she uses on my balls – well I wouldn’t want anything harsher there would I?

The choice shouldn’t be too difficult to make. However, if the black slapper is retired from active duty providing convenient and quick spanking of my bum what should be the replacement? One implement in particular springs to mind, another would be a worthy standin. Do you think you can select them from this list?

C has to make public her choice (i.e. put a comment up here or devote an post on the subject) AND have the replacement implement picked in order to satisfy my deadline of midnight tonight, otherwise its going to red in the morning.

I will permit her one last outing of the black slapper and that is a retirement spanking. There’s conditions on this usage too. 1 – C has to make it known to me that she intends to use it at the retirement spanking, and 2 – a spanking of equal strokes with the replacement implement has to follow. In other words an out with the old, in with the new statement. Maybe this way she will see how ineffective this toy is compared to our professional instruments of discipline.

3 comments on “Black Leather Slapper Retirement

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  2. Right! This is the decision on the Slapper, aka Katie! This will be retired, as its namesake it has proven itself to be a bit of a joke and of no real use to man nor beast!!
    I shall be replacing it with the newest addition to my arsenal, the Boudoir Paddle.
    A shall receive 12 strokes with the old and the same with the new! This will be given at MY earliest convenience, which may NOT be A’s convenience!
    I am also hereby giving A warning about posting blogs complaining about me before he has actually voiced his grievance to me personally! Any further blogs of the same type will incur a severe punishment!
    I expect to be meting out a few of these as he has a habit of blogging before engaging his brain!
    Happy Spanking All


    • C didn’t quite reply as per the instructions above, however I’m going to overlook this as she was quite pissed off. We managed to get a resolution around midnight that the black slapper would be the only implement to be used on her bum. The 12 strokes with the Boudoir Paddle were refreshingly stingy compared with the slapper. Instead of all evidence of a spanking being over in a few minutes (slapper), it was at least four hours that the paddle gave a tingling reminder.

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