Implement of the Week

A few weeks ago I hinted here at the “Implement of the week”.  Well C took my suggestion on board and for the  last 2 or 3 weeks there has been an implement of the week.The first week C picked the 2M Tawse.  First few strokes on the first day were a bit random but she got back into it and by the end of the week was getting some good neat strokes landing across my ass.

The second week C picked the Glasgow Strap.   Its our longest strap and is obviously a bit harder to control due to the length.   However C was getting the hand of that as well and with just six strokes daily was producing a worrying degree of sting.

This week C picked the black leather slapper.   From my point of view it’s not a discipline implement and should never to used to punish – it just hasn’t got the level of viciousness that the rest of our implements have.   I’m not saying never use it, just don’t use it in a maintenance or punishment session.  Actually I think I shall make a new rule – as long as C never uses the black leather slapper on my ass then I will not use any other implement except my hand on her ass.  So if C wants to steer clear of nasty tawses, wicked paddles or cruel loopy johnnys then all she has to do is present me with the offending black leather slapper and let me know that I have to keep it for the sole purpose of spanking her ass with it.

The difference between a tawse, the Glasgow strap and getting the slapper first thing in the morning is immense.  The first two get me going and bring me quickly to an awakened state, the latter I can almost sleep through and get back to sleep within seconds.  What would you use?

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