Another Era Begins

Yesterday morning saw the start of another era – C set out to give a severe punishment without getting “soft”.
Actually she set out to give me two severe punishments but quickly saw my end of the argument and agreed that only one was necessary. It was strange as her initial choice was for completely different punishments one of which was six strokes of the tawse to my hands :-(. Anyway she settled for the sixty strokes variety punishment consisting of 10 each with the HOH Strap, Dominator Strap, Loopy Johnny, 2M Tawse, 3H Tawse and Glasgow Strap.

A - 21 Apr 2013It started out with C standing astride me and strapping down my cheeks with the HOH Strap and Dominator. That was quite sore and it was a relief after the first 20 strokes were over. A change of position and it was time for Loopy Johnny – its a completely different pain to the straps and really bites. Half way through and the tawses were almost light relief, the 3H is so much stiffer than the 2M. C was a bit high with some of the strokes but not to bad compared to the first twenty with HOH and Dominator that punished the creases at the bottom of the bum cheeks. Finally the Glasgow Strap and it was all over.

Overall it started out with a definite severe rating, but after the first twenty got lighter. I don’t think that C deliberately eased off with the strokes – if anything the first ones were lighter and the last thirty with the long tawses and straps were harder. Upshot of this is that C feels she needs some practice with the tawses.

It’s the first time that C set out to give a severe punishment and went through with it. Actually this is the first time our review process has been properly used due to many reasons including laziness. We originally started our latest review process in February and it’s quite indicative that this is its first proper use.

C - 21 Apr 2013C earned herself a punishment as well, however her’s was to be a medium severity punishment. As the bed still had all the implements lying out neatly I eliminated them until all that was left was the 2M Tawse – I thought it would be bad form to use the HOH Strap on HOH). First stroke was quite light and left a nice neat print in the middle of her cheeks – caused her to jump a bit. As she stayed obediently in position I felt that I should oblige with another stroke. This one really cracked down and caused C real pain. The legs wildly kicking in the air to try to dissipate the pain and the loud “OW!” gave the game away that it hurt.

The precedent has now been set and I can’t see future punishments being any lighter.



3 comments on “Another Era Begins

  1. It sounds like you are back on track and with C accepting she needs more practice with the tawses, you could be in for a painful time. I think it’s better when there’s no easing off during punishment – even though you might be desperate for it at the time. When Mistress used to ease off on me, I’d feel grateful at the time but desperately disappointed immediately after. Such are the strange ways of the sub male.

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