Missed Maintenance

There was no weekly maintenance last week and this weeks was a day late. When Wednesday had come and gone it was two weeks maintenance that had been missed and I was wondering if C was no longer interested in DD.
Thursday morning brought the familiar phrase “Time to warm your cheeks”. Six strokes later, maintenance was complete and I felt complete and loved again even though I did grumble a bit it all.

I thought Friday morning would bring the other overdue maintenance, but it didn’t and when we chatted about it C stated that as she hadn’t been reviewing the previous week there was to be no maintenance. “Do you want me to do it now?” she asks. I told her to “Go for it” and immediately regretted using that particular phrase. Luckily she hadn’t picked up on it and it was only a standard 6 strokes with the leather slapper.

Thinking about it all this morning I’ve been thinking that we should go back to the daily maintenance. It forces me to get up early and once up it is easier to make a start on things like having a proper breakfast, doing some excercises, and making sure I look good. On the negative side C would get far too much practice and become overly proficient at administering a proper punishment. The last two weeks were a struggle and if we are honest with ourselves, we didn’t really do much for our life plan or for the house.

It is now officially spring in the UK although some of the weather forecasts would suggest that it is still winter, but mornings are lighter, the weather is getting warmer and there are lots of opportunities for getting on with our excercise regime and live style changing plans.

My plan (will suggest to C later) is that we return to daily maintenance. Nothing complicated just a standard dose with the implement of the week EVERY morning that we’re both home. I’ll even put a hook up so the implement can get pride of place in the bedroom and can’t be forgotten about. The exception will be when a punishment is scheduled – obviously if C wants to perform maintenance on top of a punishment then that’s her decision. When we’re not home or circumstances dictate otherwise, then maintenance should still be at least weekly at the earliest opportunity.

Six should be the “standard dose” – unless C wants it to be more – irrespective of the implement. Dosage to be double when using the implement on one cheek at a time. The implement of the week should be chosen at the beginning of the week from the really nasty strap, the not so nasty strap, the really nasty tawse, the not so nasty tawse, the nasty loopy thing and the nasty paddle. As I don’t want there to be any thought process needed first thing in the morning, then the position should be chosen at the same time and used for the week.

If that doesn’t remind us both that DD is for every day then I don’t know what will. Either way, maintenance will never be forgotten again. I think we need to call it something else though – looking for suggestions here and all I can think of so far is the daily dozen.


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