HOH was a bit upset last night. There’s a lot going on with her family that is stressing her and trying to keep on top on the DD thing was one thing to much.

In tears, what do I need to do to get DD back on track, she asked. The answer is below.
I do have some comments though.
DD is 24×7 for me, it should be for HOH too. I suspect HOH switches off now and again. This shouldn’t be a problem. If I’m in the DD zone, then HOH can just quietly start reviewing and dishing out punishment. She doesn’t need to make sure I’m
But punishment is not always easy with others in the house. It needs to be discrete. That’s true, but some punishments are very quiet, some are quick and effective.
The answers are in our HOH Manual. There are notes on what’s effective and what’s quiet, positions that are better than others.
No need to get upset, just have a look. And if that’s too much bother, consider some passive punishment like dicktator until the time and place are right.
So if C tells me she is going upstairs to read and there’s a certain item lying out for me then I know what’s coming next. And always remember punishment is given without emotion and deserved. That makes a fair HOH


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