Boudoir Paddle 1 – Two Hot Bots

We both recently earned ourselves a hot bot following a series of misdemeanors. We were caught out by our own set of rules and therefore suffered the consequences at the hands of C’s new implement. This post is the first of two parts and describes my thoughts and from my perspective.

C’ new implement is the Boudoir Paddle from London Tanners and she was keen to get it back into her hands again after its initial outing.  She therefore thought that a 2 minute paddling down the cheeks would be in order.   Oops, thought I, this is not some sort of cheap spanking toy, this is going to sting, and in a position that makes it easy for C to hit the target with force.

My choice for C was two strokes with the same paddle – one for each cheek.  That should give her soft bum something to worry about.

The Boudoir Paddle was chosen  by C, the only influence I had on the purchase was to show C the relative dimensions and sizes of her shortlist.  She placed the order and with a bit of help from Ian, London Tanner, we got it redirected it to be addressed to her – big thanks Ian, much appreciated 🙂


The paddle is a lovely colour, nice to hold – not too heavy and a handle to get a good hold with.  The photo here shows its overall size compared to my size 8 shoe.   From earlier pictures I had imagined it to be the same size as a slipper with the same potential to cause discomfort.

Boudoir PaddleC used this paddle on my bum for the first time to deliver 20 strokes – I think she held back on them – but I could tell this could be a nasty paddle.

When I finally got it in my hands I was quite impressed with the quality of the finish and quite worried about the thickness of the action end.

And once you get it in your hands its a natural reaction to get it swinging.

My spanking was to be 2 minutes. After C got me in position I was a bit apprehensive about it all.  Was this to be the first punishment where C was going to “go for it”?  Would I be able to take it or would I need to wimp out – would I get the chance?

After two or three strokes it was abundantly clear – this was going to hurt and was going to be a long hard spanking.  Spanking down the cheeks give C the opportunity to occasionally hit the crease at the bottom of the cheeks which is very tender.   I tried to move out of the firing line but C was not going to be stopping anytime soon.   I tried counting time, but lost count after 10 seconds or so and kept wondering when it was going to end.  A few times I thought that it was all over, but that was only C stopping to readjust her grip.

Eventually it was all over and I got my chance to give C her strokes. With C lying neatly draped over the edge of the bed two strokes were delivered in quick succession, one to each cheek. that was a good decision on part. If C had time to experience the first stroke there would have been no chance for me to get any more. A beautiful red perfect impression of “Boudoir” on each bum cheek was a sight to behold and I can’t see C forgetting them soon. Shame there was no camera to record the spectacle.

My overall impression is that this paddle is going to hurt – nowhere near as bad as some of the other weapons that we have, but as the London Tanner describes it “Perfect for a sound spanking”. Since I started this review, I have been back at the wrong end of this paddle and C had my hips doing a merry dance within seconds 😦


2 comments on “Boudoir Paddle 1 – Two Hot Bots

  1. I too have been ‘shopping’ at The London Tanners. Got a beautiful DD paddle but have yet to try it out.Will be posting soon.
    Kind regards,

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