Forthcoming Attractions

We’ve got a couple of posts planned and not quite had the time together to get them written up. To whet the appetite, here’s a quick idea of what’s in the pipeline.
The first is a join review of C’s new implement – The Boudoir Paddle – from both our perspective. I think she likes it seeing as it is now living in her handbag 😦
The second is to let all you good people from the spanking fraternity know about a drinking place we’ve found called The Headmaster’s Study.
Finally, if we can be left in peace for any more than 30 minutes without Facebook, SMS messages, emails or any other interruptions, we want to do a joint blog about our DD Experience in the style of a conversation and/or interview.
In the meantime, its time to shower and avoid the Boudoir Paddle until its time to go out.

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