Domestic Discipline Total Obedience

I’m proposing a day or even two of DD Total Obedience for C.  “What is it?”  I can hear her ask later tonight when she hears about it.  Some would call it boot camp, some would call it BSDM, others just plain DD.First though, the rationale behind it.   I’ve been working away a LOT this year and leaving poor C to do everything in the house: clean, tidy, cook, shop and even clear the paths of snow.  Not very fair.  The whole concept for having a DD relationship was to share these tasks and not leave it all to one person.  So its going to help redress the balance and at the same time put us well and truly back onto the DD path again.   It’s probably also going to help C with her punishment techniques as well as toughening her up into a sterner, stricter HOH.

So how does it work?   Much the same as normal DD really.  The main difference is that the tasks will not be discussed beforehand and agreed about, its going to be a whatever HOH says, will happen.  To me this is more typical of a D/s type relationship, but as it’ll be using a lot of the rules and punishments from DD it’s just going to be a lot tougher whilst it lasts.

Here’s how it going to work.   C just has to mention something once – like could you … “make breakfast”, “sort out the ironing”, “clean the kitchen”, “let’s go to the shops”.   Doesn’t even need to be a direct order!  That’ll be the signal for me to immedately jump into action and start with the task.  No second chances, straight to a punishment – and that includes the “let go home after this drink”, “are you sure do you want another?” Any task not being acted upon with good grace, in a timely manner, or to the satisfaction of HOH, also gets a punishment.

All in all, pretty much like a Mistress/slave type relationship except that C is not going to be lazing around with her feet up, so I would still say this is just a more extreme version of DD than we currently have.

C is going to need to make this strict for it to work otherwise its going to be not much more than our normal DD.   By this I mean, she’s going to need to keep a close eye on everything and keep on top of these punishments.   If she has to repeat herself, comment on the way I’m doing something, raise her voice, shake her head, or show me how to do something without me requesting her assistance, then it’ll be a punishable offence.

With the house looking untidy and a bit of time alone together before we go on vacation, we have an excellence opportunity to smarten up the place and sharpen the DD skills and try to achieve domestic bliss.

C has maintenance scheduled for tomorrow morning, so my suggestion to her is that we introduce this temporary arrangement immediately after maintenance.

Suggestions for punishments are, as always, very welcome.  I would be willing to submit to only the result of the fixed answers in the poll below, but at the end of the day, the final decision is going to be HOH’s.

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