Lady’s Choice

I was charged with purchasing a new implement for us! I duely went online and perused a few websites and noted what was on offer in the Paddle line! I had a few items shortlisted but made my choice and I am waiting for the suppliers to supply!
The suppliers are currently experiencing a shortage of leather! It makes me wonder, are all you guys out there finding that variety is the spice of DD life? Have you all been ordering a new paddle, strap etc for Xmas or Valentines Day? The delay in delivery is having a strange effect on me, I find that I am looking forward to its arrival more than I thought. A, on the other hand may not be so keen! He will not know when it arrives, and will not see it or have any contact with it, until it has contact with his bare butt!
I was considering the virtues of a few Paddles and each was quite similar but all had slight differences. I was drawn to all by their size initially as I am a bit ‘vertically challenged’ as the modern PC saying goes. These all stated dimensions that fitted my requirements!
The first onto the shortlist was named the Boudoir Paddle! The name itself suggested that it would fit my requirements perfectly, I want to be able to wake in the morning and deliver a sound spanking with a paddle that fits my hand well. I would also be happy to have A over my knee with this as the weight and thickness are good. It is described as being ideal for delivering a sound OTK spanking! As comfortable for the top as it is UNcomforable for the bottom! Tell me that doesn’t sound perfect!Along with its size and shape it seems to have it all!
The second paddle on the list was one with holes! The 12 Holed Spade Paddle looks the part! The holes are to reduce the drag, and to give greater connection between paddle and cheeks. This one had a wood reinforced handle for ease of use! The dimensions were not as good as the Boudoir Paddle, at 15/64 thick was a little slim I thought. The holes that increase conection are the biggest plus for this little beauty.
The final paddle to be shortlisted had the least inspiring title! P21 2 Layers Butter Paddle. The name did little to sell the product but the weight, dimensions and look are great. It is 25cm long and is, apparently, longer lasting due to the high fat content of the stirrup butt leather! ( If that leather was not made to be turned into Spankers I dont know what was! ) I liked the smooth finish of this one!
The one I went for in the end was the Boudoir Paddle! As it had so much that I wanted in a paddle! Looking forward to the day it arrives and I get to settle A over my knee and really get going with this little gem. I have problems with OTK as a general rule due to my stature! Try getting a full grown man comfortable bent over a knee that struggles to accomodate a laptop! But this paddle shows promise, I may be able to weild this with gusto! A had better watch out! I will give you all a report on its effectivness when it has had an outing.
All the above paddles are available to view on the websites whose addresses are shown belowI MC Customs, Quality Control and London Tanners. I did look at the J Dick site but all that caught my eye was a nice bag! I was charged with purchasing a new spanking implement so had to drag myself away from that site before I caved and bought the bag! I am still very happy with my choice and am sure A will not be !

3 comments on “Lady’s Choice

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  2. In a punishment scenario I do find the cane leaves no doubt as to my intent, the normal weekly maintenance is not so harsh, so therefore I do favour a paddle, strap or other leather implement. I like my short dragon cane at certain times as it has the cane sting but with the intimacy of the paddle in its OTK use. Do try a paddle at some point as the spread of warmth that goes through the cheeks is quite different to the canes sting and I am sure you and she will find it effective.
    Thanks for the comment, I am rather pleased to find that these blogs of mine are being read.

  3. I am told that a very stiff leather paddle with a couple of layers can make an excellent tool for obtaining male compliance. I have not yet located one for my ladyship to use in taming me, but I am sure I will experience it sooner or later. Anyway once you have been bred to accept the cane, and grown to realise that 6 of the best was an easy schoolboy’s experience and 60 is more like what she wants to administer to me…. why worry about paddles

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