After a full week of boot camp days I feel it is time to record some of the achievements that have been accomplished.Our plan to “catch up” with the missed domestic discipline weekly maintenance sessions and performing our boot camp days has been thwarted.  It is necessary for me to leave the warm embrace of our DD relationship for a week or so. Its a shame we were just getting into it and reaping the rewards when I get the call to go away 😦

One of my goals was to get up earlier.  C is definately managing that one for me with her early morning maintenance.  Getting up means that we have some time together, even if its only 5 minutes of near silence, while breakfast and coffee are eaten/drunk.  Once up its easier to catch up with getting the kitchen tidied again and also gives me more time getting ready to get to work.   That is one of my other goals – to take more pride in my appearance.

Once at work (earlier) I feel more positive about myself and better equiped to tackle the day’s challenges and I’ve even put on a tie – people are noticing.  Its envigorating and I’ve found the days to be far more productive that they have been of late, and especially considering that I should be more tired and we’ve been partying too hard as well (we sorted that one out).   The real bonus is that I can leave work earlier (although I was late at least once) and feel like I’ve had a sucessfull day.

At home, we are closer and cotmmunicating more to each other – no sitting watching TV.  We’ve managed to get some golf in at the weekend (another goal) and the whole system is almost self motivating.

The interesting thing is that C has stuck to the task of performing maintenance every morning – even these cold dark horrible ones when we over indulged with the demon drink the night before.  She’s been selecting from a menu of maintenance punishments all of which are completely different to most of the punishments that are normally carried out.   There’s also space to write some notes about what was good and my reactions to it.   One morning I could almost sense her smugness as she lashed with Loopy Johnny and I’m pretty sure that that must set her up for the day too.

Overall, things are working out well with this regime, wonder how we are going to cope when its all finished or maybe my alarm clock will be replaced by one of C’s straps as the object that gets me up and going in the morning.


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