Boot Camp Days

In C’s last post she mentioned getting back on track, what she didn’t mention was that we are trailing an extreme DD tactic which we’re going to call Boot Camp Days.

Boot Camp Days will be used by HOH for periods such as this where we need to shift the focus back to DD and get on back on track.   This initial Boot Camp Days will last for about 10 days – reason to be explained below – subsequent boot camp days will be at HOH’s discretion and last for as long as C’s thinks is necessary and we displayed a commitment to DD ways again.
A typical boot camp day will start the day before with a spreadsheet with the tasks, duties and targets set for both of us.  For example some of mine are exercise bike for a set number of minutes (target set by C), making dinner and being home before a particular time (set by C). C has her targets too and we will be reviewing all of these in due course.
The next morning the Boot Camp Day will start in earnest and commence with maintenance.  This gets the brains thinking about DD right from the start of the day and should remind us about keeping to our goals.  One of days of maintenance sessions will be a proper disciplinary spanking which will test C’s resolve in providing a harsh spanking.  I dont know what day it will be and we haven’t decided on the method of choosing.  It may even be tonight – it probably should be the first day of the Boot Camp Days.
After maintenance any outstanding punishments will be administered, and possibly some  more during the day if there has been any reason for them.
At the end of the day, the spreadsheet will be updated with the actuals – no let offs here – and the punishment column will automatically calculate if a punishment is necessary. The next column is another data entry column and will allow the HOH to ignore the missed target.  We are fair and there are valid reasons for a task or target not being completed.  That said, the question does get asked if it could have been completed in a different way or a similar target. The final column then calculates the actual number of punishments needed.  C’s final task is then to administer or schedule punishments – she gets judged on that too.  Can you see her forgetting or not bothering when her ass is on the line?
We started this process of reviewing a couple of days ago and C finds it a very quick and easy task to review  our progress and come up with a punishment.   The problem we’ve had upto now is that I have been working away for the last 3 weeks so it has not been possible to administer the punishments. So far I have accumulated about 3 or 4 which C has scheduled for the next couple of days now that I am back.
In the hour, C should be back home and we will finally get together for what has been a very difficult time away. It would have been nice to have had a night of loving but deep down we know if we don’t start with DD tonight we will be breaking our own promises to each other.  Its also one of C’s challenges that we have.  So DD first then enjoyment, that is our priorities.
So why Boot Camp Days for 10 days – or is it eleven now?  Well we checked back the punishment record and found that the last maintenance was recorded as 28th November.  If it was or not it doesn’t matter and should have been recorded.  So we are going to have maintenance every day until we have caught up with the backlog.  And because we are going to miss at least one more Wednesday then it will add to the backlog.
All in all it is going to be a hard time for us and hopefully by the end of it we will be well and truly on track with our tasks and doing them will become second nature for us.
C has now sent me a SMS message advising that she is on her way home and won’t be long and requires be to be naked for her when she comes home.  That could mean some fun in bed, but I suspect that it is only my bottom that she actually requires to be bared.
I would say that we have taken the first important steps again on getting back on the DD Lifestyle.
If anyone wants a copy of out boot camp days spreadsheet feel free to leave a comment or send me an email.  My address can be found by clicking on the Gravatar at the top right hand of this page.
Happy Spankings

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