This is something that C mentioned a while back when we were talking about boot camp. It’s not so much having privileges, but having them revoked as part of the disciplinary process.

For example, if you play games a lot or watch TV, then part of the disciplining would be to remove a vital component of the game console or deny the TV for a set period.

Neither of these particularly apply to me. One thing I that I would miss would be my computer, tablet and phone. How would I survive without keeping on the leading edge of technology without them?

The other major thing that she can take away from me is called Dictator – the chastity device. Being encased in perspex and straining to get release is not sore, but not having your bits to yourself is a torment on the mind.

One thing that worries me is that C may lose the key leaving me in a penile prison temporarily or what if I got called away at short notice and got a body search at the airport?

I have a solution – the lock box. A device made to hold things safely using a keypad code and/or a time lock. HOH would put keys or other items in the box and lock it with either an event date and time or a countdown. When the time arrives, the box unlocks and your privileges are restored.  The box would be made of perspex or plexiglas to enable you and HOH to view the contents. In an emergency HOH could be called to reveal an unlock PIN for an early release.

Time to start programming.

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