Cosy Fun

We planned another Lady C weekend last weekend.  The idea was for a strict Lady C to have some fun and a couple of HOH challenges to keep the DD lifestyle foremost in our minds.

Friday was a slow start and was always going to be a quiet affair as other family members were around.  C, oops Lady C, got around to getting the Dicktator fitted.  This usually has a positive effect on behaviour, but Lady C had almost guarenteed that it would be coming off, so it didn’t quite have the same effect.

Saturday night started later than we had intended and it wasn’t long until Lady C had noticed some things that were not to her liking.  Surprisingly she did not do anything about them and still hasn’t.

The first of the HOH challenges was Terrible Tawse.  This is an implement that C has been trying to master for a long while and finds it difficult to aim and have sufficient force to cause me any distress.

The challenge therefore was not to go for big hits for faster, light strokes and see if the cumulative effect was better.  A roll of the dice threw a six and the big nasty 3H tawse was duly selected.  Bottom bared and in position, C said this is going to take a while and started to roll up her sleeves. 

She quickly got into a rhythm and the tawse soon warmed up to its task and within 30 seconds she had me wriggling my hips to avoid the blows.  All that did was make her change to the other side and use a backhand stroke to punish.  And just as quick it got even more of an effect. 

She nagged and swung the tawse from both sides giving me a real bad experience about how terrible the tawse can be.   Looking in the mirror afterwards my bum was a mass of lines showing where the tails had lashed into my cheeks.

The upshot of this is that C has now got a good experience with the tawse and can hurt me with very little effort which was the purpose of the challenge.  Big problem for me now is that she thinks she will be able to put so much force into strokes especially from the backhand, and she also didn’t get to the point of progressively increasing the strength of the strokes once she had acquired the rhythm.  She also thinks that she will manage to acheive the one stroke challenge where a single stroke will cause me to yell and jump with the searing pain – only time will tell.

All in all the challenge was met.  The next one had C reviewing the DD contract, rules and using the procedures and methods that the HOH should be using to achieve Domestic Bliss.  It was highlighted that some of the rules should be changed because I never do them and C thinks that we both should be able to do tasks, arrange reviews and plan.  It wasn’t an argument more of an observation.  Yes we are both equals in our relationship, but someone IS HOH and should punish when things don’t happen.

One of the many reasons that we have the DD arrangement is that we can both be lazy, can’t be bothered.  I don’t always want to have a review because that is just making a rod for my back (side). I do want somebody to give me the kickstart to do the tasks otherwise its just to easy to avoid them and find something easier or fun to do – and thats not fair.

I know it sounds like I blame C when WE haven’t managed to do things but I need a kick start, just as she does sometimes.  But I do feel that complacency is causing us to lapse into old ways and that’s not for the best. At the walk around that we had there were lots of things that should gave been done and each one of them deserving of a stiff punishment but they were overlooked.  When C reads this later I will probably be quizzed about these and will probably get a just punishment for them.

Sometimes we just dont have the time alone together to let each other know what we are thinking or feeling.  However the Lady C night really didn’t get going properly, probably becuase C wasn’t in the mood and we ended up in bed, with the music on with a bottle of wine and the nicer fun toys from the toybox.  Who says you need to have a well strapped bum to be cozy and warm in bed?

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