Spanking Pants

We were talking this week about spanking pants.  Pants to be worn before, during or after spanking.  I’m kinda curious – should that be turned on? – about the whole concept.C got a new sewing machine recently, and as part of the “What can I make with this?” she jokingly said she was going to make me a pair of shorts with no back so that the wearer’s cheeks would be exposed.  This conversation took various turns and spanking pants were mentioned a few times.

The idea of having to wear an item of clothing that openly advertises that the wearer is going to get, or has just had, a spanking is a good idea.   I can’t imagine for a minute that C will ever allow my bum to be protected in any way no matter how thin the material is.  That leads me to ask how many of you out there do have a particular item of clothing that is part of the spanking ritual.   Is that garmet worn before, during or after a spanking?

The one of only time that C has strapped me over clothing was quite interesting: the strokes weren’t really hard, nor were there that many of them, but it made for a all over hot bot.  The next question is then, does having something over your bum when it is spanked somehow enhance the effect by keeping the heat in?  The sting is definately reduced and the spanker will not be able to see the results of their handiwork.

I think the ultimate spanking pants would have the following features: white, non-stretch cotton and with some embroidery that leaves the wearer no doubt what’s going to happen.  A fold down or removable flap at the rear which allows unrestricted access for spanking on the bare, alternatively a velcro strip at the sides that when opened facilitates quick and easy removal.

Imagine waking up in the morning to find that your partner has thoughtfully put out clothing to wear only to find a pair of pants with “I’ve been naughty” or “About to be spanked” embroidered over them?   I think every couple that practices DD should have a pair, including the HOH.

So, does anyone have these already and whats the effects when wearing them during spanking?


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