Devastating Dominator

One of our straps is the Dominator Strap, a particularly nasty short, heavy piece of leather.  Last week C used it on my bottom and the results were devastating.C doesn’t like it too much and finds it heavy and difficult to hold.

From my perspective, I don’t like it either any more – its heavy and difficult to stay still.    After an opportunist spot of love making C had decided in the heat of the moment that some maintenance was going to be missed and she could sieze the moment as my bum was already bared.  When horny and full of testorone it was easy to give her the challenge of doing it hard with the dominator strap.

After ejaculation, the idea didn’t seem anywhere as good as it had and my suggestion of going to the pub was overruled.

First position was on my knees and elbows on the bed.   It only took two strokes before I was wriggling out of the way.  C gave three or four in this position before getting me to lie on my back and hold my legs up in the air.    One stroke was enough for me to utter a $%£$ word and she didn’t give any more like this.    Last position was on my knees with C gripping my head between her legs – a truly dominant position and a bit different as she spanks down the cheeks and not across.   One on each side and I had had enough again, she ended up delivering two to my left cheek and just the one to my right as she judged I was not taking it at all well.

Overall, I don’t think C needs any more practice with this strap.  Every stroke landed squarely on my bum and were good punishing strokes.   Problem now it that C knows a bit more about the potential of this strap and how effective it can be with a couple of strokes.   The very next day C gave me “six” with her beloved HOH strap.  Without a doubt the trial with the dominator strap was far worse than the punishment with the HOH strap.   My bum still showed visible signs of the dominator strap spanking on Thursday, five days later.   A truly devastating strap.


4 comments on “Devastating Dominator

  1. It sounds like the Dominator is a very effective disciplinary tool. I’m not sure I’d like one in our house but I will have to mention it to Mistress now that I’ve read about it. Thanks for the tip-off about Quality Control. We bought our canes and riding crop from them. Top quality equipment and a good service too.

    • It is a VERY effective disciplinary tool. The only good thing about is that its quite heavy and your Mistress will get a sore arm if its used too much. I’m very impressed with Quality Control and any time we’ve bought implements from them have had excellent service.


  2. I have often thought about buying this dominator strap but I would have to import it into the UK. The phone call from customs about the duty might be a little embarrassing.

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