Spanking Machine

Its been a concept that I’ve thought of for a number of years now – a machine that can deliver spankings.   It would always deliver the perfect spanking.  Just dial in the strength, duration and speed and strap yourself in and the machine will deliver.  No extra strokes for moving, no getting off lightly if the HOH thinks enough strokes have been administered.  Just a perfect spanking from a machine with no emotions and perfect aim.I have been inspired into action by this post by Jessica on Art Of Self Spanking.  One of her things that she wants from Santa is a spanking machine.

As I’m now officially on holiday for the best part of two weeks I’m going to devote a piece of my time to designing such a machine and seeing how far I can I can get with a prototype.   Unfortunately this means that I won’t have enough time to do the day to day chores  like cleaning, washing and tidying.  This is a small sacrifice for the sake of the spanking community.  C will just have to live with it, after all she might be the proud owner of the machine.

Some basic design thoughts are that the machine should be able to cane, strap and paddle and should be adaptable for the end users implements.  It should be able to give strokes from totally horizontal to completely vertical.   I’m also thinking about an adjustment that gives an offset to the strokes for complete all over bottom coverage.

The really difficult thing will be to generate a mechanism that creates the swing. Before getting some sketches and calculations down on paper I think its going to need some decent power to generate the speed and, more importantly, the accelleration/de-accelleration that the machine will need.   I’ve got a small stepper motor available to tinker with and it may be good enough for a scale model.

The other really important thing is that the machine will need some complimentary furniture for the user to lie on / over.  If nothing else comes out of this project, then C will at least get some spanking benches and frames.  I’ll probably get a real spanking for wasting time on this project.

3 comments on “Spanking Machine

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  2. Don’t think that having a pet project will get you off of chores. I will leave some tasks to be completed daily ! After they are done you may tinker . Punishment will be meted out for non compliance

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