Were We Bad?

The other day I had to give C a spanking as she has been performing a bit leniently as HOH.   As part of her punishment she was tasked with a mini boot camp to prove that she was a competant disciplinarian for a reduction in the spanking.   Honestly 15 seconds hand spanking and she was wriggling on my knee like she had been whacked with the evilest of our straps.  I think I’ll need to give her a lot more a get her butt toughened up a bit.The mini boot camp part meant that she put me in the humbler for 5 minutes – not the longest time I’ve ever had to endure, however the last minute included C spanking my encased balls. This was my turn for wriggling and drawing my legs up to try to avoid the blows.   C thinks she doesn’t use this particular form of punishment anywhere enough because she sees how effective it is with minimum effort almost instantly.  After the humbler and balls spanking out came the tawse.   Four strokes alternate hands – the first stroke kinda just caught the side of my small finger, the second and third landed square on each palm with the fourth getting the other small finger.  It hurts like anything and the immediate reaction is to put my hands tight into the opposite arm pit.  Last was six strokes with the dominator strap.  This strap is heavy and is probably C’s least favourite implement as its too thick and heavy for her.  She managed to crack six burning strokes neatly across my bum causing a bit of a reaction.  I really don’t want to imagine what it would be like if C put some real effort into strokes.  The ones she gave felt like a lightish to medium swing but with a very heavy sting and thud.

Punishments over, so we retired to the pub as there was a quiz that night.  This is kind of thing we enjoy, a chance to be together, have a drink, chat with our friends and just chill.  That was the plan, however we ended up having far too much to drink and staggering home.  C ended up a bit unwell, lost an earing and I’ve got a massive bruise on my leg that I don’t have the first clue where it came from.  We both have a bit of a  memory lapse on those occasions.  Were we bad?  We’re meant to be cutting back on our alcohol intake and we had more than double what we’ve allowed ourselves.

What went wrong?  Well it just seemed to be that we were drinking quickly and didn’t pay attention as we were focussed on the quiz and  before we knew where we were we were on the slippery slope where you just can’t say no.

On the positive side the house was tidied before we went out, dinner dishes put in the washer, washing put in the machine.  We haven’t been out drinking for over a week and were able to get up in plently time to get to our work and I certainly managed to accomplish all the tasks I had to perform at work.

Were we bad?   I think so, however we also have another rule that says we’re not going to be boring old gits and we need to make time to enjoy ourselves and have fun.  So we overstepped the mark a bit, but nothing too bad happened.  It would have been a different matter if we were unable to perform our respective jobs properly or other detrimental effects.   Two nights like that in a row would have been bad too.  I’m going to call this one as allowable, but not to let it happen too often.  Ultimately C, as HOH, has the final say and I soon find out if we were bad.


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