A Spanking Announced

I’ve decided that HOH needs a spanking. She casually commented the other night when we were exchanging emails that she had been very lenient with me. I had been thinking about this before she mentioned it and the thought had occurred to me that we had been getting relaxed with the whole DD thing. I haven’t fully quizzed her about what she lenient she is referring to. Is it being lenient in ensuring that the rules are followed or lenient with the punishments when they are broken, or both. I know life can be difficult to handle and keep on top of things when work is busy but HOH still needs to have a voice and at least let it be known that she has made allowances and its not that I’m taking advantage of a soft turn. If thats the case then we’re both as bad as each other for allowing it. As the HOH should be in charge then the she should take most of the blame. So therefore she should deserve to be punished. Unfortunately this will ultimately backfire on me and will end up with HOH being stricter and dishing out harsher punishments, but should make for the better. I think when C is cross examined then she will admit that she has not been the HOH that she needs to be. I will therefore be obliged to punish her. The fact that I like having my girlfriend’s bum bared over my knee is always nice and in no way influenced me 😉 The last time C got 1 minute and got off lightly. Wont be as nice this time. However I have an alternative punishment that will see C get only 15 seconds worth of spanking with no further punishment. There’s a catch however. She has to first accept that she has been a neglectful HOH and that she will carry out the instructions that will be given. Aren’t I nice to her? A

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