No Excuses

Warning, the following post contains really bad jokes.   C has been complaining about our camera – in particular how it doesn’t take good photographs of my freshly spanked bottom.   This means that after a punishment I have to remain in the punishment position and wait patiently whilst she tries to get a good shot so that it can be uploaded here. Usually it ends up with another curse and the camera getting flush in the drawer again.One of the things that was on our wishlist was a DSLR and we have recently got a very nice Canon EOS1100d with a 18-55mm zoom.   Last night I gave it a quick try out – a photo of my virgin bottom.  C approved and liked the sharp focus and colour – not bad considering I had to use the self timer and try and focus on something else in the bedroom..  Later when we were preparing to go out C asked if we should give it a proper try.  OK, I thought a quick couple of snaps, but as I bared my bum for her she picked up a tawse from its hiding place at her side of the bed.  Not what I had in mind, however she snapped the tawse down once across my bum and took a quick picture.  Unfortunately the tawse marks hadn’t fully developed so there’s a very faint line and its really not good enough to upload here.

Not wanting to disappoint, I th2 Dec 2012ought I’d focus my attention this morning on getting a nice red bottom to try and counteract the snow and frost we had overnight.   What should be the implement to get a quick hot bot?  Can’t use the HOH Strap as that’s for C’s exclusive use, tawses are too long and difficult to aim, cane is too long too.  How about the dominator strap.   C really doesn’t like it because of its weight and finds it difficult to grip with her small hands.   For my purposes it was going to be a good length with enough strength get some colour with a few strokes.

I’ve always been a bit apprehensive about the dominator strap as it has the potential to be very severe.  With this in mind I prepared for a total of six swift strokes, three to each cheek in quick succession so that before I felt the effects of the first strokes all would have been delivered.   It didn’t quite develop this way, and after the first one landed I thought ouch and only managed one more stroke on the other cheek.  A couple of minutes later I gave another two strokes and then got the camera set up to see the effects.  With the camera on self timer again and a few photographs of feet, the top of my head and random pieces of furniture and carpet I managed to get a decent photograph that was worthy of demonstrating the full potential of the camera and the dominator strap.

So, a quick spot of self spanking, a photograph and re-aquainted with the dominator strap – not bad for a Sunday morning.   Now C has no excuses about the equipment and should be able to get lots more photographs taken as well as knowing that a single stroke from the dominator strap will have me glowing and worried.

2 comments on “No Excuses

    • C has missed her chance to perform any reddening. She had the perfect opportunity to do so earlier when my bottom was bared for inspection. Looks like I’m getting off with any strappings for a week or more as I’m off on my travels again 🙂

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