Final Warning

I’ve been given a final warning from C.   This appeared in our “Hitlist”: “Final Warning.  If late to call or text C to avoid consequences “.This is significant for a number of reasons.  It is the first time that C has added anything to the hitlist.  The second thing that is significant is that I usually always late at work and get involved and so focussed in the thing that I’m working on that I completely lose track of time.

I created the hitlist for C to add punishments, this is not how I intended it to work with warnings, but if that is the way that C wants to use it then that’s I suspose as HOH she has that right.   Not only did she add it to the hitlist but she added it by sending an email to a secret email address that I set up for her instead of using the web interface which she find difficult to use on her smart phone.  Actually I’m happy that she’s used the hitlist, its another tool in our quest for domestic bliss

I’ve got a feeling that its only a matter of time before the last warning runs out and it turns into one of C’s specials.


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