Self Spanking Again

I posted about self spanking here a few weeks ago and C gave her opinion on the matter a few days later.  Since then I’ve noticed that there’s a lot of hits on the blog from search engines with the term Self Spanking.

The other day I got a nice email from Jessica at Art Of Self Spanking asking if we could link exchange.  Absoloutely – Jessica and John have been doing this for a long while and have done a lot of research on the subject and even published a book about the subject.  Its kinda got me intrigued and wondering how many spankos out there and practicing self spanking.  What implements do they use?  How many strokes, how long for?  Are they alone or is someone watching? Do they admit to their partners about it? Do they blog about it?  Do they do it for pleasure or do they have some personal punishment regime?

I’m inclined to agree with C, a self administered spanking cannot be a substitute for a real punishment.  There’s far too much opportunities for going easy and avoidance in general and the only way it would ever work if it was in addition to a proper punishment.  However outwith the domestic discipline arena it can be a leisure activity.   Both C and A have both spanked ourselves for fun.  In C’s case I handed her a paddle and told her to get on with it (I was Sir A that night) and then watched as she tried to give her ass a walloping.   I’ve spanked myself when C has been present, C has been at the other end of a phone, C hasn’t been around and before I even had met C.

I feel like getting my ass up to the bedroom right now and find a nice implement to give myself a spanking.  If I did, would I tell C?  Would she want to know?  How would she react to me spanking my backside which she considers to be hers.  Would she find out?  Would she see any stripes or redness?   I think it needs some discussion before it could be considered as acceptable behaviour.  Would C want to watch?  I think that most self spanking sessions would be alone, but they’ll be times when C is around and will want to watch and can imagine that she’ll give encouragement and have to stop herself from lending a helping hand.



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