Early Morning Maintenance

As I mentioned yesterday C woke me before she left for work with a “six” from the tawse. This seems to have had the effect of kicking me into action and I had a very successful day getting on with chores, bit of home improvements and generally making the place better.

My enthusiasm also infected C and we also managed to be productive for day.  Not at the expense of our enjoyment, we also managed time out for a beer or two at the pub along with some fun together in bed 😉

The question is: was it early morning maintenance that did the trick or not having lots of beers on Friday night?

2 comments on “Early Morning Maintenance

  1. A brief, sharp spanking can give me an adrenaline rush that makes me more aware and energetic. When you develop a fit butt, you’ll be able to take a more severe spanking. Alcohol can numb the pain but you’ll feel it when you get sober. I think your partner has you on a good path for improving and I hope you can stick with it.

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