Today started early for me with C wanting to perform maintenance, or she likes to call it, target practice.The first change is that maintenance is now pencilled in for a Wednesday morning before work.  This frees up Sunday morning for the weeks’ review and punishment.  Maintenance and punishment were getting merged into one and didn’t really work.   C uses a tawse, think it was the 2 tailed medium (2M) and administered six strokes across my bared ass, raised politely for her.  The other major change was that all six ended up in the place that C had intended and not too high or too low – they all connected with a reasonable amount of force and sting and had they been delivered faster or had been more then it would not have been a happy morning for my bum.  C was obviously happy with them and took some photographs.   A couple of hours later I can still feel the tingle and a bit of heat but nothing to worry me too much.   Will it make me get out of bed to make sure today’s chores get completed?  Maybe – we’ll know by tonight if I get distracted by more appealing things.

Other changes that are happening are more subtle:  The only member of the family left staying with us has now got a job.  In itself, that is something to be happy about, but the icing on the cake, for a couple practicing domestic discipline, is that the shifts do not overlap ours and we will have opportunities for maintenance and punishments on a daily basis.   We are also looking at a new bed – last weekend in town C could be seen checking out beds like any other person but in the back of her mind was how convenient it would be for spanking me over and how much space for getting a decent swing if we got a particular model.  There is also an old bed that we had which is destined for making shelving, however I think we could make some BDSM furniture out of it.

This week saw a change in attitute back towards the DD lifestyle.  We had been straying and we both took some hard discipline.  C used the Rules and Consequences for the first time to choose a punishment for me and it probably of the appropriate level, I fancy it was more severe than if C had just picked a punishment in her previous style.  The thing about DD is that its not just one way – its unfair of me to expect C to make me drink less and loose weight if I don’t actually have the attitute to do something about it myself.  Even if it’s to remind C that she has a duty to implement maintenance and record punishments, I still have to do something.  Another first this week was that C actually added to our Hit List a punishment – OK it was maintenance.  I tried to make this as easy as possible for her – now all she has to do it to send an email to the histlist and it’ll automatically in the appropriate list.  Is this a good feature?  For the sake of our DD relationship its a yes, for the sake of my bum and any other parts that C chooses to punish then I’m probably going to regret it.

Its nearly time to start with the chores – I’d better to them before C gets home and starts to look out her HOH Strap.


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