Worst Implements

I’m guessing that every spanker has a favourite implement, one that is easy to use, produces exactly the kind of punishment that they’re trying to achieve with minimal effort. I’m guessing that most spankees have not so much a favourite but one that they don’t dislike as much.

How about most hated? If you’re on the receiving end then there’s definitely going to be a most hated category along with stingiest, hardest and feared. Do the mistresses and masters have implements they don’t like? If so why?

I’ve certainly got my short list of ones I don’t like and ones that I would rather have. There’s also some that I really fear but luckily C hasn’t found out any of these yet. Should I tell her? Not everything, not while she is still trying to get over the mental block of hurting. Get used to it C, spanking is going to hurt, unless you’re doing it very wrong.

What’s your favourite or most hated implement?

6 comments on “Worst Implements

  1. I find the bamboo and rattan canes sting like hell but have an excitement which makes them manageable…. I seem to tolerate a very long caning with them. But the synthetic cane hurts more, and if it is a thick thuddy cane I struggle to stay in position. That is one of the implements I probably could not take more than about 12 from. I also found that a thick paddle with holes in it ir pretty darned awful and she knows. I cannot hide how awful it is

    • Fortunately C tends not to use the cane to often. We don’t have any written paddles either – closest we have is a small women handled hairbrush and even though it’s on C ‘s dressing table she never uses it. Maybe we should get as paddle for the collection. Thanks for the comment cropuser

  2. Mine has to have been an old victoria hairbrush that had long since lost its’ bristles but none of its’ bite. Feels like the devil himself is biting your arse.

    • HI Gary, but does your spanking partner know of its effect? C has only ever spanked me once or twice with a hairbrush so I doubt if its one of her favourites. If its really the bite of the devil then its probably best that C doesn’t give it a try.

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