Best of the Worst…..?!?!!

There has been a discussion going on about the singular attributes of certain implements and their position on the top 10 of spanking toys.

Much has been said re the favour I bestow upon my own particular favourite, the strap previously known as the Bitch Strap, now the dreaded HOH strap. I do find it the best for my swing, stance and general stature. I too, though have ones I dislike intensely, and if you read on I will describe them.

The one I dislike the most is the Dominator Strap, it is very unwieldy, and unlike HOH Strap very inflexible. I have real trouble gripping it, and therefore find it impossible to use and give a decent strapping to the bare backside that A presents to Me! I can see this being used very effectively by someone tall. Men would find it a fantastic tool to get instant results, the heat it produces goes deep and does last a while.

The other implement on my Best of the Worst list is the Glasgow Strap. This makes my hitlist due to the fact of its being way too long. I always feel I should be in the next room to ensure it hits the spot. Even someone with as short a reach as mine does not need that much extra to work with. I can only say, this thing feels like I have lost the bones between the wrist and elbow, I feel as if I have no control over it.

The other Implements we have are useful to varying degrees, I use some more than others, I have my favourite and will continue to spread the warmth of its ’embrace’ to A with increased relished.

3 comments on “Best of the Worst…..?!?!!

  1. A floppy leather or rubber strap is severe but rarely splits the skin… I am just greatful that she cares enough to discipline me. I feel better afterwards, and usually my bottom becomes a bit numb after about 50 strokes

    • The straps that C has to get disposal are far from floppy and stiff enough to stand straight out when held. Luckily she never gives me 50 and not full force otherwise I’d be in troubleand end up with a numb bum like you. The rubber strap is still C ‘s favourite and is a mean piece of work 😦

  2. These implements mentioned above have varying levels of techniques and difficulties in becoming accomplished. They also have different effects from thud to sting and heat to numbing. C, you are still very much a novice in using some of these but you will get experience the more you have to use them. Imagine how great it would be, for you, if a single stroke from your most hated of straps produce such sting, heat, and other benefits that 100 strokes of the bitch strap would take?

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