Domestic Discipline on Holiday

We’ve taken the opportunity to get away for a few days and I’m taking 5 mins out to do a quick post.  Should DD continue whilst on holiday or should it be suspended. C didn’t take any implements so I think I know her opinion. I packed the strap that she is going to feel if she doesn’t perform as a HOH. Just to keep the balance I also packed her HOH strap -she doesn’t need to use it.

What do you guys think?  And if your in a hotel this week and hear the sound of a spanking then it might be us. Alternately if you’re a hotel maid and find C’s evil looking strap then do me a favour and throw it out for me.

Update. Seems that C has changed her mind on DD whilst on holiday. The bitch strap got its first outing this afternoon. C was pissed off with something this morning. The new stricter C is here – unfortunately.

2 comments on “Domestic Discipline on Holiday

  1. No such problems with the train. Just pack all that you want and jump on. Fortunately the transport of choice for spankos. If course if Lady C forgets the implements then that’s going to be an obvious beach of rules and deserving of a spank or two

  2. Holidays are a glorious time for DD. If airport security checks are a problem I suggest hairbrush and strap can easily get through in the suitcase and you can always improvise when you get there.

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