Nearly A Year

A week today we shall be celebrating one year of Domestic Discipline.  We feel that we should do something to celebrate the event.   We would like to do things that we can relate to our lifestyle.  In particular symbols of love, trust, friendship, togetherness, discipline and authority.  We have a few ideas, but would like suggestions from you, our blog friends.

As always feel free to leave comments and/or take the survey.

A and C

3 comments on “Nearly A Year

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  2. Thanks Lady Koregan. We did think of getting more implements and we’ve decided we’ve got enough for now. The other thing we’re still looking at is a ident tag chain – – with suitable engraving.
    I like the idea of ceremony and ritualisation and we’re thinking of practicing some vows that we’re preparing for our wedding next year.
    Whatever happens we shall have our ceremony and fun on Friday night and will let you all know what happened. From the poll it looks like the masses want special annual maintenance and some reading of the rules which is well within our capabilities.

  3. Congratulations.

    Usually, when I reach a milestone with one of mine, I give him a new belt. 😉

    But a ceremony of some kind renewing the commitment of both parties would be a good idea, too.

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