All I Ask

What do you ask for in a domestic discipline relationship?   We got a framework that we’ve worked out over the last year or so and got our rules aligned to our lifestyles.   All I ask from C now is to be fair when she judges the performance, firm when she needs to and to punish when she needs to.  I’ve set no limits on the level on the punishments.  It’s up to her to deliver what is necessary to get us back on track and use as much muscle as she wants.  I may not like that particular part but thats what its going to take.

The only reasons I tolerate the punishments is that I love C and this is for our greater good.   It takes  someone special for me to put this much trust in.

4 comments on “All I Ask

  1. Hi Michael, I happy for you both that you have found a relationship that works for you. C, I think, is trying not to like the punishment aspect too much and be completely removed from it. I’ve a post coming up soon about what we’ve done for that. I wish, too, that we had started this relationship a long time ago. It can be fun and life is becoming a lot easier to handle.

  2. We’re just in the progress of kickstarting our DD regime. I ask for the same as you, for Mistress to help keep me on track because I do tend to be both lazy and selfish. We have a set weekly maintenance punishment but it’s up to Mistress if/when/how she punishes me at other times. Like C, Mistress is the judge of my behaviour and there are no limits. Like Michael says, it’s an effective tool to ensure I’m more considerate towards Mistress. We’ve also found it’s a perfect way to ensure there is never any kind of tension in our relationship.

    • We are still in the early days of our DD relationship and takes a lot of work to “tweak” it to suit. C is still lets things slip that should have warranted some sort of punishment. But we are still learning and adjusting. One thing is that we communicate a whole lot better.

  3. Our DD relationships are similar.There are some in the spanking world who don’t see how volunteering to be spanked or caned can be considered a punishment. It works for me on many levels and makes me a more considerate husband I believe.
    Certainly my wife enjoys her role and takes pleasure in training her husband to do what she wants. She wishes she had started much earlier in our marriage if she gad known more about it in the eighties.

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