Strapped Hands

Yesterday, C strapped my hands with a tawse.  First time was one stroke on each palm with the 2H Tawse, latter it was two strokes on each hand with the same tawse.We had a DD review yesterday morning whilst tucked up nice and cosy in bed together.   This was not a review on performance or behaviour on the last week or so, but a review on C’s blog entry and my response.  C has almost a mental block about hurting me as it is foreign to do so to one you love.   Our discussions were how to overcome the mental block and make it easier for her.

The more she does it the easier it gets.   This makes sense.  Just means she has to do it a lot more before becoming a lot more comfortable.  My first suggestion was for us to have a cozy chat and hug before and after maintenance and make it clear that this coming punishment in no ways changes the way we feel about each other.  This we actually did before C used Loopy Johnny six times on the bum.  She said she was going easy because I had been good.  Didn’t stop her raising some welts – where are these photographs, I’ll need to give her a good spanking if she continues to fail to take any and publish the.

Pushing the Boundaries

Another suggestion was to put both of us out of our comfort zone.We came up with the following things that would push the boundary for one or more of us:  strapped hands; chastity; using an implement a maximum force; making marks.

C had her hands strapped at school and remembers how sore it was and therefore is reluctant to do it. She has agreed that one stroke on each hand would be a starting point for this challenge. I remember getting my hands strapped at school too and it hurts.

The CB6000 chastity tube we kinda use for extended foreplay and it hasn’t really been worn for any extended period. Normally it gets used at part of our Mistress/Slave FemDom play and ultimately comes off as we both want sex.  C thinks it hurts and will cause sores and rashes and prevent proper cleanliness.   Any time that I’ve ever been locked into it, C gets a immense feeling of power.  One of the reviews we read about it was “It starts off as a bit of fun, but before he knows it he’s locked up and she has the key”.

Using an implement at maximum force is a lot to ask of C.  She mostly uses implements at the lighter end of the scale and admits that recently due to inability to have regulare punishment sessions has been even lighter.  Therefore the suggestion of selecting a suitably severe implement and putting as much force into a stroke and try and invoke that jump in the air and grab your ass cheeks reaction.

The last suggestion was to see if she can deliver strokes with sufficient strength to cause marks that last for at a couple of days.

The Implementation

As it looks like I’m going to be going away again on Wednesday we were keen to get started right away and we came up with C having to use a tawse on my hands. Also I would have to wear the CB6000 (Dicktator) until she came home from work the following day.  That was agreed and any whining or moaning to be unlocked would get more strapped hands, doubling each time.  I think I may have surpised her when I said lets do it right now.  “What now?” shes says.  “Yes, why not” I reply and lean over to her side of the bed and pull out the 2h Tawse she has stashed there.   We are kneeling, naked, facing each other on the bed and I have my right had extended and C brings it down square on the middle of my hand.  Ouch, that hurt.  Now the other hand, that one wasn’t quite as straight and caught the side of my palm and fingers.  Still hurt a bit – not as bad as the teachers did when I was younger, but enough to make you take notice of the intense sting and heat.

After some breakfast, we were getting ready to go out and I had to remind her of the other thing.  “Oh yes”, she says, “Upstairs”.  She watches as I fiddle with all the bits – it has 5 different sizes of rings and 4 different lengths of spaces.  Over the years I’ve found the spacer that works for me.  Of the rings, there are two that just are far too small, one that is quite tight, one that is slightly loose and a very loose one.  “Better make sure you put on one that is comfortable, its going to be on for a while” C says.  So I have selected the second largest one and am now locked into the CB6000.   For C’s benefit, the loose one is more comfortable and allows a bit of movement and freedom, the slighter smaller is obviously tighter and has a lot more control.  C might want these marked up as “Comfort” and “Control” so that she can select the one appropriate for her requirements.

Just an aside, wearing a CB6000 is not sore, and is comfortable for extended periods. You hardly even know you have it on until something triggers an erotic thought and then the CB6000 prevents that erection from forming and it quickly subsides again.   Going to the toilet means that you have to sit down and that reminds you of the strict and nasty HOH that made you wear this.

As I said above, C really gets going when I’m safely locked in becomes very dominant without actually trying.  For me, having to endure this gets into your head and you do become more submissive and respectfull of the key holder.  Is this all bad or healthy?  C – you have to answer this one.

Later that day, I did on one or more occasions question C about getting unlocked.  “Thats two on each hand you’ve just earned”.  Unfortunately I didn’t hear what she said and missed it.  It was a lot later after dinner when we were relaxing that she reminded me.  “Why didn’t you do it at the earliest opportunity when we got back to the house?”  Didn’t really get a proper answer.  “Let’s do it now and get it over with”, says I.    One thing I would like C to do is to have punishments immediately, or at the easliest opportunity – more on that in a bit.

We go upstairs and this time we are both fully dressed and standing when we face each other.  I hold out my hand and she moves it to the height that she wants and tells me to make the hand tight.  She them moves me back to get the correct reach.  I notice she is holding the tawse by the handle and not further up like we had tried earlier.  This is going to make the effective length and therefore its going to hurt more!   Whack!  The tawse arrives on my outstetched hand.  This hurts more than earlier.  I put out my other hand.  “No”, says C, “same hand, you’re getting two”.  “But, alternating hands?”.  “No, same hand”.  So the second stroke lands, just as hard as the first one, before I get change hands and experience the same on my left hand.  The first of the two, was slightly adrift, but the second cracked down square in the middle.  This was the stingiest of them all.

Afterwards we chatted about the experience.   C tells me that trying to do the very first stroke was the hardest part of it for her and now she is a lot more comfortable with it, and will probably get good at it very quickly.

So now its the next day and I have a slight tingle in my hands to remind me that C strapped them yesterday.  Any pain from Loopy Johnny has long gone and I didn’t even remember to look in the mirror this morning for the welts.  I get a constant reminder in my underpants that I’m locked up and that C has the key.  She promises that she will let me out tonight.  I don’t know if she intends having a bit more fun with her Domme head on before release or if she’s going to count the number of times that I nagged her last night and this morning to get out and perform some sort of retribution first.

I don’t have ill feelings about having to endure Dicktator or having my hands tawsed either now or in the future.  I think I can safely say that C has gotten over one of her phobias in tawsing hands and managing to be firm.  In her words “If I can stay strong I prove to us both I have what it takes to be HOH”.  Looking forward she tells me that his episode will be reminder of what she is capable of.  What are you capable of I ask.  “I could leave you there way longer, get heavy handed with my bits, get mega demanding about housework – lots of things”.  Bits?  All your bits – bum, balls, hands and some other bits.

So far, two of the challenges have been met and I think she’s passed and worthy of being called HOH.

Remaining Challenges

These were to use an implement at maximum strength and to use an implement at sufficient strength to cause marks to last for a couple of days.   These were chosen as C admits that she only uses light strokes and they’re even lighter that they used to be.   The other problem area is that C tends to stop when she sees marks being produced and worries about them.

Therefore her future tests will be to:

Deliver a single stroke with the 3H Tawse at maximum strength.  Try to get a reaction from A that will indicate that its been a particularly painfull stroke.   Upto six strokes may be given, but A reserves the right to chicken out.

Deliver a spanking so that evidence of the spanking is clearly visible 72 hours later (that 3 days if you can’t be bothered with the maths).  Like above, A reserves the right to chicken out.   An alternate to this could be that my bum still tingles several days later.

The other test we haven’t talked about, but I mentioned it earlier in this post.  That is to perform a spanking at the earliest opportunity.   This is to further prove that she can remove herself from the one she loves and perform the HOH duties and then pickup the normal routine.  This can be put to the test when I return from my business trip next Wednesday.  Instead of the warm embrace and lots of hugs and being nice to each other and going to the pub and putting off any DD things for a couple of days, the regime will be a quick kiss and hug and straight to the bedroom to get any HOH or DD business out of the way.  If I’m away for the weekend, then I’ll have missed a maintenance session.  There won’t have been any missed tasks or bad behaviour, but maintenance is maintenance. Alternatively select any evening as soon as we are both home and get to it immediately.  No tinkering with computers, watching TV, even making the dinner has to be put on hold.

Expected Results

C will be a stronger and stricter HOH with no hangups when it comes to discipline.  She will have a no-nonsense approach to discipline and be prepared to delivered hard to severe punishments when they are called for.  I will need to keep on my game and will probably have permanently sore hands, bum and balls for a few weeks even months whilst C excercises her new inner powers and strength and gets our household and lives upto her standards.  We will live happily ever after.



3 comments on “Strapped Hands

  1. I was sent to the bedroom to collect the laundry and couldn’t fail to notice the lochgelly tawse and school cane laid neatly on the stripped bed. On my return to the utility room I was instructed to load the washer then join her upstairs. As is the custom I knocked on the door only to hear her laugh as she beckoned me in , she stood with her arms folded and the tawse in her right hand, I immediately assumed the position piling four pillows at the end of the bed and bending over them presenting my boxer clad rear end in prime position. Again she laughed but ordered me to my feet with my hands stretched out in front right hand on top of left, the tawse was now over her right shoulder her hand firmly gripping the handle , she knows I hate hand belting and was milking this to the maximum I knew what was going to happen but not exactly when. Seconds later the walls echoed to the crack! and the pain surged through me , three more followed , I struggled when she told me to raise my hands for the fifth , which was the third to my right hand and when she delivered the sixth to my left hand I collapsed back on the bed. She was on top of me in a flash thanking me for being so brave then whispered only a few with the cane , then you’re done.

  2. Hi Michael, thanks for the comments. We don’t really do chastity either and don’t even think of it as that. Its worth trying, the woman really gets a power trip out of it, even if its only for a few hours. C has spanked my balls a couple of times now and will agree that she gets a good reaction from it. She mentions it in a post about a month ago about the look on my face. Anyway, still got to have a debrief with C after our first set of challenges.

  3. Looks like things are hotting up. We don’t do chastity devices but I am often told not to come. We do a lot of painful ball and penis whipping and I can vouch for its good effect.
    Have fun.

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