Maintenance, My Tuppence Worth

It’s interesting to hear C ‘s view of maintenance and how she feels about it all and, more importantly, how she is feeling with it.

My thoughts on the matter are that maintenance is all part and parcel of the domestic discipline framework and necessary to keep us BOTH focused on it.

Sometimes I’m really not in the mood for a spanking and it probably shows. Like last Thursday when C wanted me to come home at lunch so that she could perform her maintenance. I was busy and couldn’t really be bothered with the upset to my day. However I did come home and maintenance was fully served.  C is still far too nice and asks politely if I can home. It would be easier if she just demanded a home lunch, that would be much harder to say no to.  It’s never going to be easy to say yes to an invitation for somebody to cause you pain.

The maintenance was different this week. Firstly the spare room was the setting and a bench board provided a useful angle for my bare bum. It’s also been many weeks since my bum has been tormented and the sting was more pronounced than normal. Turns out C was using the stiffer two tailed tawse. Even though it’s marked 2M is actually more painful than the 2H. The weights and sizes are comparable but the 2M is stiffer. C tells me it is easier to use than the 2H.

The main reason for blogging tonight was more how we can deal with C ‘s hangup when actually having to hurt me. I have a few ideas. One of these is to have a little chat and hug before hand to reinforce our love for each other and that the next 5 minutes is not going to change it and this is for the greater good. Afterwards a hug is always needed.  Another thought was to take time out and discuss something that would take is both out of our comfort zones. Then decide on limits and go for an extra tough, but with controlled limits, spanking. Anything in the future would just be slightly less and with the knowledge that she’s capable of much more.

The worrying thing is that maintenance is on the calendar for tomorrow morning. Maybe this is the wrong time that I should be putting any ideas C ‘s way. Just in case there’s any doubt. C, you are permitted to carry out maintenance and punishments in any manner that you see fit as hard or as light as you want. It’s all for the greater good. I’m so much happier with life and us in the last year than I’ve ever been.


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