Who needs restraints?  C is starting to punish harder and longer and when I get to that moment when the pain has built up sufficiently for me to try and avoid the strokes, thats when I know restraints are needed.OK, its not atually at the point when I’m trying to wriggle out of the firing line, its several hours later when I’m mentally replaying the punishment.  So I probably need to be restrained to make sure I take the punishment that C gives.

From C’s point of view, she will be able to give her best without having to stop to get me back into position or put a hand in the small of the back or have any concerns that the stroke is going to anything but the intended target.  That allows her to concentrate more on delivering a harder and more accurate stroke.

From my point of view, its going to mean harder, longer, uninterrupted punishments.  Now thats not too good at the time but it means a more memorable, more effective and impressionable punishment that is for the good of our relationship and help us to achieve our goals.

So are you going to use restraints?


2 comments on “Restraints

  1. I’m always restrained for my weekly maintenance punishment. I can only take about five or six strokes of the cane before I want to start avoiding the rest. Restrained, I’ve no option but to the 36 strokes that are coming to me, The act of being restained adds to the gravity of the situation too. However, I wish I had to fortitude to take punishment without restraint.

    • Luckily the most of the positions that C punishes me in are not suitable for restraints so I can continue to interrupt her efforts. That was until yesterday when her maintenance involved lying over the bench board in the newly transformed fitness room. A few ties here and there and I would in the same unfortunate position of having to take whats coming.

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