The Fitness Bug

We’ve been embarking on a health and fitness drive.  This is good as it was one of my primary goals that the DD lifestyle was going to help me achieve.  I have this inner generally good feeling that I don’ t get too often.  It feels like being reborn, we’re trying to eat healthier, drink less, excercise more, and we’re about finished our home renovations.    Everything is looking good and clean, even the dishes coming out of the washer have a really nice sheen to them. Luckily, the only things that haven’t been dusted down are C’s implements 🙂

A while ago I wanted C to save me from myself by excerting her HOH status and discipline whenever I drunk too much or didn’t excercise.  It hasn’t happened that way.  We’ve got the bug and are looking after each other without having to resort to the rod.  There’s still lots to be done and a long way to go before we get to where we want to be, but it was inspiration and mutual support that got us such a long way in just under two weeks.   We’ve found a couple of excellent web sites where we can track our diet and weight and just a few days ago found a complementary device which measures the number of steps you take, the number of stairs you climb and pretty much knows how many calories that you’re burning throughout the day.   This device is a FitBit and I ordered one a couple of days ago.  I thought I would go with it for about a week or so and then possibly get one for C too if she thought it was any good.  I collected it from the store yesterday afternoon and by about lunchtime today C had decided that she was having one.  So now its a challenge, to see who can outdo the other, how many calories can be burned, how many stairs can be climbed.   Its really a matter of time until C figures out that a spanking would give extra points for the stairs climbed upto the bedroom and the harder and longer spanking would make for more calories burned.  Of course, the harder and longer the spanking was would involve more wriggling from my position and get me bonus points too.  Sometimes you can’t get away from this discipline thing.

The other thing that we’ve embraced is our scheduler which reminds C that its time to review and perform maintenance.  It’s really helping us with our ongoing busy schedules and making sure that we’re getting things done.   I was actually thinking of upgrading to the professional account which gives a whole bundle of added features including graphs and reports.  These could prove to be costly to my ass when C reviews the average time taken to complete a task and the number of tasks completed per week.   Actually, that reminds me – C has omitted to perform any maintenance for the second week running.  I shall have to take her to task about this!

Whatever happens, I feel good and am feeling really close with my HOH and can’t wait for our marriage.  There was a nice post on The Good DD Life where Cathy administers a ceremonial spanking during their wedding day.  Can you imagine the scene, lying bare-assed across your newly wed’s lap still in her wedding dress;  you both pronouce your Domestic Discipline vows; then she performs the wedding spanking that pronounces that she is going to be the HOH and this is the way it will be.   That spanking will be engrained in your mind for the rest of your days.

It’s been a quiet week on the DD front but really busy on every other thing that we’re doing.  Home improvements, health drive, diets, exercising have kept us busy and on our feet.  C needs to go that extra but and keep me on my toes, but we still have house guests and this weekend my mother came to stay.  Absolutely no opportunity for HOH to assert herself.    But it will soon be time when our house guests have decided it is time that they are leaving us.  This should give opportunities, but as luck would have it a business trip is forthcoming.  And when I get back from that one, another one is right behind it and another back to back with that one.  In short, I don’t expect to be home very often in September and thats going to be another challenge for us.  Trying to excercise and diet when living in hotels, and travelling is extremely difficult and when C is not around I really miss her.  She keeps me on course, she makes me happy, she makes me laugh.  And that f**king strap of hers nearly makes me cry.  I wouldn’t have it any other way and I really can’t wait until we’re together by ourselves again.


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