Time to rock this role…..

I have the role of Head of Household. This is not a difficult part to play in life. So I really cant understand what makes me so reluctant to impose the rules of the house with A!!!

I have to knuckle down and enforce one of the newest amendments to our life plan. A has to be my memory jogger. He needs to ensure that I have written, oral or other reminders of our agreements. So far he has not asked if I have remembered to visit this site. I shall have to remind A of a few things.

A has proved to be very wiggly and nervous when I take his balls in hand and start to smack them ! This works well as a punishment when you have a need for quiet. Doubt any houseguests would hear the gentle slapping that has the most delightful effect! Squirming and wriggling to be free in no time at all! I like the look of ” Please stop! This is really making me squirm and I will be begging soon!!” He cant say anything, because I have forbidden it, but the eyes say it all.

Looking forward to letting him know that he has to remember to remind me to spank him! Life cannot be better.


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