Roasting and Toasting

Last time C was online she was about to give my ass a roasting with Loopy Johnny.  Well not that night she didn’t 🙂 I managed to talk her out of it, mainly, because we have house guests and at that time of night would in their room and would be able to hear everything.  Not that Loopy Johnny makes much noise, but more because 36 strokes with Johnny biting my ass I might not be able to be as quiet as he is.   The next night C got her way and delivered 37 strokes with the last one high enough to make sure I kept my shirt tucked in.    These were not as harsh as I expected and I think that C was pacing me so I could take all 36.  She confirmed it after them saying that next time they would be much harder.

The reason for the punishment was drinking more than C had initially indicated was allowed. It was a week ago I mentioned to C that we really shouldn’t have said yes to going to the pub and that we should both try and drink less.  C took up this challenge and immediately found a web site that would track and make recommendations and promptly signed us both up.  Its really nice to have someone care for you in such a way and doing it together should make it so much easier.   After C had set the drink limit for Friday, she then changed her mind and thought should have a normal week and quantify our intake.  A pint of Guinness and a half of cider later she changed her mind again and thats when she said that Johnny was going to make an appearance.  I’m feeling a bit agrieved that I got punished as part of her indecision.

As weeks go, its really not a good time to be trying to stop drinking.  We were invited to a house warming party at the weekend, we have a coming of age birthday party this week, and will be on our annual holiday for the next 2 weeks.  If that’s not enough it’ll be the 1 year anniversary of getting our new house next weekend.

So far C has been keeping the web tracker upto date with the drinks and its quite scarey some of the ways they present the figures.   There is a lot of calories and money that could be saved and thats before we consider the health benefits.

Friday was strange in that I didn’t have my usual couple of beers at lunchtime or have the sundowners in the evening.  I woke up Saturday morning and didn’t feel much better than any other morning, however I just didn’t feel as bad.  Possibly escaping Loopy Johnny helped with my mood.  That night we went to the party and I had a single can of beer – oh how noble I felt. However, we threw it all away by going to the pub on the way home.  That was probably something we shouldn’t have.   So far I can’t say I feeling any benefit about drinking less but its still early days and I need to have a quiet half hour with C so we can make our target and set the allowances.  I can see a few more roastings coming my way.  At the same time, C has to continue to keep the momentum going by making sure these targets are met and for that she needs a punishment plan.

We still have our house guests and getting opportunities for punishing continues to be a problem. To that end, C needs to be far more organised and immediately grasp an opportunity when it arises as well as using some of the alternative punishments that I had suggested.   These include deploying the CB6000 chastity device which would stay on until C was satisfied that adequate punishment had been delivered.  Another was one or two strokes with the tawse on the hands.   This is not silient, but two cracks can be passed off as something dropping or a window or door closing or banging.  C decided not to tawse my hands, she said “not when we have a party to goto”.   I think that means she didn’t want me to be noticed with marks on my palms.  She certainly didn’t say “I’m not going to do that”.  She always avoided using the tawse on my hands as she remembers from her own experiences at the discomfort that it causes.  This time she didn’t rule it out – should I be worried?   I would put one stroke of the tawse on each hand equivalent to about 6-10 strokes on the bare.  Of course, that is completely dependant on the strength of the stroke and I reserve my right to change my opinion as or when it happens. As a punishment, I am prepared to endure either, C doesn’t have to worry about that.     I am going to put a refresh of my hints and tips with opportunities either on a private page for C, or in our private Dropbox folder so that C can refer to.

Must go now, as we’ve just been left all alone in the house….


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