Respect My Authority!

I am hereby issuing a demand to A. He is to present his backside to me at lunchtime today. For the purpose of examination of yesterdays spanking marks.

If the welts have faded too much for my liking I will administer more! A has expressed his disappointment in the frequency of his spankings, so he will recieve weekly maintenance spankings and will also have his butt whipped for infringements of my rules, orders and slightest whims.

Yesterdays spanking was provided by the mistress strap, A was certainly wriggling about to avoid strikes. His bum was especially hot after a few stinging blows. The ‘ Bitch Strap’ will always be my fave as it is a very good fit for a person of smaller stature.

A , prepare to be walking around all afternoon! Cos you won’t be able to sit, as I am sure the results of yesterdays strapping will have faded quite a lot by now!

See you soon

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