Debauched Week

As we have the house to ourselves for a bit, C came up with the idea of Debauched Week. OK, I told her to get her thinking cap on and come up with a week’s worth of entertainment. Unfortunately I’ve had to go away again, however all is not lost as I get time to think when during these boring moments in airports and on the plane when there’s nothing else to do.

Recently in blogland, there’s been discussion about if its possible to orgasm by spanking. C and I had a chat about it too one night. I can’t remember what sites had the discussion(s) otherwise I would link them here, and as I’m on hotel Wifi I don’t want to spend too much time searching. My personal opinion is that C is more likely to orgasm due to prolonged spanking, I don’t think I would be capable by spanking alone. I think additional stimulation is required.

In order to push the boundaries of science, my own curiosity and generally have a bit of fun too, I think we require an experiment. I have the vision of being naked on my knees at C’s feet/legs/thighs doing what every good slave should be doing. My back would be arched so that my bum was available. A few conveniently placed mirrors would assist C as she whipped down my cheeks with a cat with strokes finding their way to kiss the underside of my balls and cock and produce the necessary stimulation.

Question is, can I get C to fit it into her already compressed schedule of debauchery?


2 comments on “Debauched Week

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  2. My dear A you only need to ask, you can have your spanking! You will be spanked til you either cum or you have been reduced to a quivering wreck that cannot take any more. We will prove/disprove the theory very soon

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