Target Practice

C has decided that she is now nearly competant with the 2M tawse and is going to move up to some harsher implements.  To this end she announced that she needed some target pratice and that my bum was going to be the target.She layed out six implements on the bed and told me to strip.  The selected implements were the 2M Tawse, Loopy Johnny, Mistress Strap, 3H Tawse, Glasgow Strap and Dragon Cane.  They were placed in the order that she intended to use them.

The 2M Tawse she wanted to try varying my position, so got me on the bed on my knees and arms so that my bum was jutting out.  She landed a single stroke right on the crease at the bottom of my cheeks.  That hurt.  The second was a bit higher.  Damn, she’s starting to get too good with that thing.

Loopy Johnny followed next and two or was it three strokes later it was over.   That thing is pure evil especially when you get “looped” on the top of the legs 😦

Time for the Mistress Strap.  This used to be C’s favourite and she made me really arch my back and stick my bum to receive it.  Two strokes landed one after another with the usual throbbing.

Next up was the 3H Tawse.  This is a bit longer than the 2M, but thicker, heavier, wider and all together meaner.  She can inflict a lot more pain with this without any real effort on her part, so I was a bit apprehensive about it.  Luckily for me she didn’t have her stance quite right either with the distance or the aim and I had to take a few off target strokes.  I think she was trying too hard.

The Glasgow strap is only slightly longer than the 3H Tawse, but the handle/grip is right at the end unlike the Lochgelly tawse which is further up the implement.  The mechanics of this means that the business end will be moving so much faster and therefore harder towards my awaiting bum.  Again C didn’t quite have the right stance and although she managed to get a few strokes square across the cheeks, they almost felt like they had glanced off.  Guess she’s going to need to get some more cushions and get back to basics.  I think her stance needs adjusting relative to my position – I think she was too close.  Somewhere I have an artictle from a book on How To Tawse and if I find it, it may deserve its own page.   For the relative sizes and shapes of the tawses and straps, have a look at this article here.

Last but definately not least was the Dragon Cane.  Again mostly missed strokes and I have cane marks on the tops of my legs.  Like the tawse, she needs to adjust her stance and position in order to get the best (or worst for me) out this implement.  She changed her strategy and went for a rapid fire wrist flicking swissy motion.  This very quickly, within seconds, had me wriggling to avoid the stinging blows, light though they were.   A couple of minutes of that would have been seriously ouch especially when finished off with a six of the best.

Overall impression – C needs a bit of practice on her own and look at the different stances that she needs to use for the different types of implements.   One thing did occur to me last night was that on more than one occassion  she managed to get a noticable wriggle and take me to that point that I wouldn’t be able to accept more strokes.   I think she may have to review restraints as well.


4 comments on “Target Practice

  1. interesting to read… I doubt if she should practice on cushions, when your bottom is so readily available. C might like to choose one implement, and use it until it feels right for her, and your reactions will confirm her knowledge that she is being effective…. be vey careful..
    bottoms up

    • Hi Red, thanks for the comment. I’m not sure I want C to practice and become competant with any implements. This is really starting to become stingy! Love your blog, keep it coming.

  2. As the sub of course it is not your position to advise her how to punish you. or comment on her methods
    I tried that once with my wife and was told to mind my own business.

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