Mr and Mrs Smith

No, not us!   The one with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.  C wants a secret drawer just like Mrs Smith has under the cooker in which she can keep all her implements neatly packed and ready to handle the next bottom spanking mission.

My challenge to is make some compartment that stores all the implements and can be accessed quickly.  I’m thinking its going to be hidden drawer or false back to the wardrobe, but so far all I’ve came up with is getting a piece of plyboard or MDF large enough to accomodate these implements and covering it with blue baize.

I’ve put all these implements out so that you can compare the relative sizes of the big straps and tawses with the much smaller Mistress Strap, Dominator Strap and Black Leather Slapper.

From the top is the Standard Dragon Cane, Loopy Johnny, Glasgow Strap, 3H Lochgelly, 2H Lochgelly, 2M Lochgelly.  After the tape measure is the Dominator Strap, Mistress Strap and the Black Leather Slapper with the OTK Dragon Cane at the bottom.

For reference, the Glasgow Strap is 24″ long, the tawses are 23″ and 21″ and the Dominator and Mistress straps around 17″.

Anyone got any ideas how I make this collection any more accessable that where it is just now all laid out on the bed?


3 comments on “Mr and Mrs Smith

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  2. Hi Michael, we’ve already got a blanket box that is already full with our other toys. We find it difficult to find things quickly in it and it ends up being a bit of a mess and a real pain to put everything away. C also keeps an assortment of soft toys on the top, so it all adds up to a pain in the backside. I’m thinking of a drawer suspended under the bed. Currently most are hanging up in the wardrobe behind my shirts – have a look at the implements page.

  3. Hi
    Quite a collection. You could pick up a blanket chest to place in a bedroom or on the landing, then fit a tray inside and get an attractive padlock or fit an internal lock. The chest has the advantage that you can be bent over it. Try e bay or a second hand furniture shop.

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